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Oh wow, I didn't know AI fight each other, probably would help if I read the article :x

Still pretty cool nonetheless!

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Okay, it isn't like it is timed DLC. I never understood the concept of too late in the video game industry. I never played Donkey Kong 64... I have now, it is never too late unless it is a PvP game lol

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So, a horde mode with a finish line.

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And books as well!

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Halo 3 - metascore of 94

Gears 2 - metascore of 93

Those two franchises were MUST OWN games! They are NOT must own games anymore.

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If you really want to argue, I rather play Halo 2/3 and I rather play Gears 2. For the story AND MP. That is the problem, the better versions of these sequels are usually the ones in the past. For the love of God give these developers a plain piece or paper and have the go to town. Those two studios are GREAT but the original developers of the games they make are the better games, hands down. Forza is the only series that keeps getting better and better.

Sony didn't wan...

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I see more talk about resolution and people wanting this and that for resolution. I am over here thinking 1080p 60 FPS is fine for me.

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I remember people were also not on the same page with BF 1 until it came out and blew everyone away.

I don't think this one will have the same affect, but I do feel this one is going still going to sell well but not more than BF 1.

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"I camped way in the back and killed people who were running around aimless." *

When it comes to BF, there is SO MUCH more than just kills.

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The delay on this game I think really helped the developers to iron out a lot of things well before the game ships in early 2019.

I think the biggest factor of this game will be the story and they aren't going to spill too much about. They said the story is the main point of this game but it is also something they really haven't touched on which I like.

I seen a lot of the basic things in this game, if they just tell me the crafting is VERY deep...

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You still need to pay for the extra character and moves to even compete. I couldn't even tell you how long it would take to unlock all of them.

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I replied with the same thing just after you. I was excited for the game, got the game and saw it was pay to earn all of the characters and moves. He did something similar with the PS3 version of Twisted Metal. I think has a problem trying to find that balance for PvP and progression.

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You do know he is the creator of Twisted Metal, a very PvP influenced game.

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Some people may enjoy 3rd person more. I believe the Witcher 3 was in 3rd person, imagine if that game was in first person? It would be a different game.

Personally, in terms of story driven games, I like 3rd person because I like being able to see my character go through the motions and see them in the world.

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Don't make your PvP game pay to win...

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One thing that is interesting about this game is that the developers added a stamina mechanic in a game like this. Of course, I know many other games have this. For a game like this, the game will be a lot more grounded compared to a game like Far Cry. You are going to be thinking more of your actions in the game compared to Horizon Zero Dawn.

I think that concept will be a VERY good concept for this game. The people who are only reading or watching game play won't actu...

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I never understood how people can come to the conclusion that it was downgraded. I just think people forget about the actual footage from 2005. Since it was before the PS3, people were already stoked from the E3 footage being better than anything on the PS2. So when the game came out, that excitement faded a little bit.

I just don't get it, Killzone 2 was gorgeous and also a masterpiece. A little re work on the PvP, even though it was amazing could have been even bette...

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The 2005 E3 trailer of Killzone 2 was AWFUL compared to the final version. Did the author actually take a look at that video!?

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I can't WAIT for Smash and Super Mario Party!!

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True, but that doesn't change the point of my question though. I know you aren't the one who I made this question to.

I just hear many people saying BR will die out. I ALSO heard that saying many times with open world games and FPSs and yet they are still around. BR mode, genre, or whatever is weird because you can say I am sick of TDM and DM modes. But you can still like BR even though BR is exactly that.

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