HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies.


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This has been a long time coming for Ubisoft because of the shoddy products that they've sold consumers, which gladdens my heart, seeing them struggle for relevance. Also, whoever came up with the brilliant idea of basing your villains on Trump and Skreli should be sacked immediately because one great way to cut your potential sales by half is if you decide to pop up with a political opinion, lacking nuance, can really cause some massive box office damage. It's the George Clooney effe...

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Hmm. It's almost as if basing your villain on a real live political figure/celebrity would somehow split your audience?

Who knew.

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@generic-user-name "And how do you explain all the reviewers who DIDN'T attend the boot camp and still gave the game 10/10s?"

Pretty simple. Ever seen a MGS game from one to the Phantom Pain, directed by Kojima, that didn't get a 10/10 or a high rating? The reason why they get high ratings is because it's MGS and refusal to acknowledge it's failings. Groupthink and hysteria are great bedfellows and anyone who says "This game isn't a 10/10 an...

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HAHA. What a terrible imitation.

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@generic-user-name "Yes and you keep living in your fantasy land where MGSV isn't the highest rated game of 2015 so far and likely to scoop up plenty of GOTY awards."

Really? I'm living in a fantasy? Here's an article for you to consider.


I will just quote the first part because it's qu...

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@DanteVFenris666 You do that. But just remember not to whine about having to pay for your ending DLC, and all the frivolous micro-transactions that will surely come with it because you can't be bothered to fight for your consumer rights. :' )

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You guys get what you deserve when you support a company that doesn't give a single damn about you. Enjoy your micro-transaction multi-player when it releases and lie to yourself that you love it. See if you can deny reality and let the precedent be set that you can now release incomplete games with ending DLC. Idiots will pay for it gladly because "the game is so good! I wuv you Kojima-san. Let me ride your D."

People who bought this game deserve nothing from a...

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Splitscreen has been on the downturn since publishers realised that they'd sell more copies of a game if they can't allow people to play together in the same room. Hence, if you wanted to play with a friend; you'd have to get two copies rather than one.

The only real champions of co-op play are Nintendo but it seems as if a lot of the "hardcore" have already decided that the games that they produce are for children and therefore isn't deserving of t...

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Those cosplays are very well done.

The feminists won't like it though; being the self-appointed moral guardians that they are.

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I've got all 3 and a decent PC to boot.

Got to get all of my bases covered.

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Y'know it's kind of funny. I wouldn't even consider myself a "hardcore" Nintendo fan. I haven't bought a Nintendo product since the N64 and I completely missed out on the Gamecube and the Wii. The only reason why I first wanted to buy a Wii U was because of Rayman Legends and the co-op multiplayer that was going to come with it. When that got delayed, my enthusiasm for the game was dampened somewhat; so I waited for it during the Christmas period and got a pretty dam...

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Bitter? Trust me when I say that I'm more disappointed than anything else. I personally don't think that the PS4 deserved to sell as many units as it has done and neither does the XB1 tbh.

I've been having a lot of trouble buying games recently, due to the amount of DLC, season passes, microtransactions that are being forced into games and then having to pay full price for the physical game itself. Not to mention that I have a list of companies that I completely ...

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Deus Ex got a multiplayer? Gee whiz. I guess I'll have to go and buy it. /s

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Man, you lot have short memories. Praising a guy who's helped push the cancer of microtransactions into games because he stated the obvious clearly shows that you don't care who says something positive about Sony. All that matters is that they've said something positive about Sony. Therefore, you can justify spending money on a box that is host to broken 3rd party games riddled with season passes, DLC packs and microtransactions and first-party games with Bloodbourne being the exc...

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@Farmassy "I agree that those quotes are incredibly ridiculous but that would be like me blaming all conservatives when rush Limbaugh or bill oreilly says something incredibly offensive."

There's a massive difference in radical feminism being taught in higher education and right-wing ideologues breathing molten horse dung. The fact being that radical feminism isn't held to any level of scrutiny whatsoever while Limbaugh and O'Reilly are old, racist white...

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@cynicsmate "Can we stop calling insane women feminists? It's no different than name-calling a man misogynist. It's not fair for anyone."

"Feminism is built on believing women's accounts of sexual use and abuse by men." -- Catharine MacKinnon

"Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women's bodies." -- Andrea Dworkin

And yet they are taught in universities an...

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DK is on the money.

Watch when she uses the ire of gamers' comments to promote her agenda of being "oppressed".

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I don't understand.

Take care buddy.

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Same here. Probably one of the most underrated horror franchises in gaming. Everyone talks about Silent Hill or Resident Evil but when it comes down to me personally; I've always had an affinity with Project Zero.

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@Bruce755 "I don't think you understand what subjectivity is..."

You're going to lecture me on subjectivity? This will be good.

"Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's bad."

Oh! You mean I can put my Nickelback posters back up and be taken seriously? /s

There is no accounting for personal tastes but you cannot seriously persuade me that QTEs, prolonged, unskippable cuts...

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