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I doubt that. They are going to have a DLC pass that you pay for once and get all the DLC as it comes out. Why would they waste their time releasing DLC a year after launch if it was already done before launch and they got your money nearly a year ago? Seems like an awful lot of work to scam $10 or $15 from people that buy the game.

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I am only buying one game at $60 this year. Two if you count the Resistance 3 Doomsday edition which is a great value.

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The PS3 probably doesn't have enough RAM to handle that many hats.

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That's good to know if its true but saying that could make someone test it.

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On the PC version you could always play 12 versus 12. On the console versions you can't play 32 versus 32. I think it does matter.

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They showed PS3 fooTage and it was a lot better than any CoD.

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I'm saying wait and see more. I think the way they did their presentation was bad. Some people thought it was a Wii add on and some people thought the controller was the console.

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I own a 360 for Halo and Gears. Everything else is PC or PS3. Sucks for 360 only gamers but there is a great multiplatform line up this year and next.

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Good. I'll be getting the superior 16 disc edition.

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Too bad 1 isn't there. The PS1 version of MGS is on the store though right?

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If this is legit then I'm glad I use a unique passwords for anything important.

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Valve making an exclusive for a console? Is this analyst mentally handicapped?

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Hacking these days is pretty much anything involving a computer that is harder than logging into Facebook.

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Options are good.

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No. The only reason I'm starting up Xbox Live again is because Gears of War 3 has dedicated servers. The only way I'm paying for PSN is if exclusives with multiplayer do the same.

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My Xbox is done but I'm actually going buy a new one just for it even though I have a PC and PS3 to game on. I'm sure they'll have a bundle like they did for Reach.

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The gun has to be the cruelest joke ever.

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What? Most be a lot of new 360 selling or something. Kind of random for it suddenly to suddenly make it back into the top 20 after all this time. Good job Bungie.

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I have three accounts myself. There is no way there are anywhere near 77 million unique users.

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or you could pay $10 less and get only the superior version.

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