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That's actually not a bad price but I can't afford it so I will have to wait...can't wait to have it one day 👌

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I understand maps and other stuff being first on PlayStation but a mode that should have been there from the beginning for all platforms is just messed up

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I just want to know one thing....what has retro been working on all this time 🤔

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Please tell me where I can get a decent second hand car for less than 500

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No!!!...damn...I imagined it...damn it!!!!

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I have my money on the plumber for goty

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I thought they went up last night?

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I got the Vizio p series 65 2017 makes my room look small haha

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Just got a 4k tv...can't wait to try this game out :)

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Just a many deaths until you have to start all over...just beat my first boss without dying but will be more careful then before

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got my hands on the NES classic during their last shipments to stores...will get this some how...I hope

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Thing are they going to increase the price to keep the service running...Sony is not just going to implement it because of good faith...I guess it all depends how.much the increase is to determine if it's good or bad

I'm there with you...if people really think they are going to implement psnow for free or 10 bucks...they are deluded

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I would love to get an RPG/action adventure game where you can travel different worlds...interact with different characters and complete unique quests all across the universe in the planet express ship...that would be awesome

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That is what I'm saying...people are acting like this is do or die by Microsoft...this console was made for a specific group...not the mass market who will buy the Xbox one s...same goes for the PS4 pro...don't get why so many articles like this cone out???

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You do have to admit...some of those people he mentioned did write some moronic things in this specific comment section

2574d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment you stop and think for a second before you write???

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The morons writing these articles know that the Xbox one x is NOT a NEXT GEN console...the PS4 pro and xb1x are just upgrades for people who want the best the PlayStation and Xbox ecosystem can give...the PS4 slim and the xb1s are and will be the bread and butter for both Sony and ms...this comparison is as stupid as the person who wrote it

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the system is fine for now...its nintendo i see an xl or a lite version somewhere in the future

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He does k ow this is not a next gen console...if that is the case...then both the PS4 pro and Xbox one x are Wii Us because they will sell a fraction of what the PS4 slim and Xbox one s will sell...but like I said the PS4 pro and Xbox one x are part of thier respective families (ps4 and Xbox one)

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Everyone...put on you tin foil hats...dude you belong in ancient aliens...they like to throw out bs too

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