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I'm sorry but i'd much rather have a smaller, but more condensed and detailed world than a huge world where a lot of the space is literslly amost completely useless/empty.
If you look at GTAV the top half of the map is just like the latter and the city is the best part of the game, just like any free roam game.

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I'm fed up of ps4 fanboys acting like the XboxOne is as weak as the wii u.

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As a ps4 owner i'm not surprised.
What annoys me is ps4 players bashing the xbox one because it has lower resolution and stuff when there is no evidence. When i saw the arguments earlier all i could think was "these comments are gonna bite you in the arse when the real specs are revealed."
My personal opinion is that this was pretty obvious anyway, given the fact that watch dogs is open world, cross gen and graphically impressive the signs are all there. It'...

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I agree. They did an amazing job with Batman, both games had an amazing story and plenty of interesting side missions. If they could get that mix perfect for Spiderman and managed to build around the swinging mechanics of Spiderman 2 it could be crazy good.

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You're saying suckerpunch should do the exact opposite of what the players chose?
Good choice man really, at least someone knows what they're talking about. /s

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It had a really good multiplayer as well in my opinion, it's just a shame people didn't stick with it for very long

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I don't know, wire looks awesome but a lot of the glass pictures are like remodeled versions of the concrete powers. If either will be DLC then it will probably be wire.

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My problem is that my parents have been buying me 18+ rated games since i was about 7 years old, not because i went off on one when they said "no" but because thay genuinely sat and explained that "video games aren't real and you can't go around acting like everything that happens in them is ok".

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not just that but there are people that just expect too much from FREE games. like every single ps+ game should be as good as a AAA game

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I personally think the side missions are fantastic.
You basically go round distrupting DUP operations in order to reduce distrupt DUP activity in that district then when the control gets low enough you have a showdown with them.

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Great! infamous 4 confirmed!

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About a third of the way through the game apparently.
I've done the first one but can't find out how to link papertrail to my psn account so i'm stuck

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I love how the audio tapes play through the controller on Killzone.

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Same here. Picking it up at midday.

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Xbox fanboys: "this game is going to suck! No MP, No purchase!"
Reviewers: "F**k off"

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I've had all the powers ruined for me by arseholes in the comments -_-

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Coles legecy is a small set of missions that tell a bit of a story between infamous 2 and Second Son.
At the end of it you get an in game wearable Cole jacket

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This isn't a matter of "rejoicing" it's proving to the Xbox fanboys who have been screaming "downgrade" for the last month.
We knew the graphics would be the same/better, others were fools.

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I've had a TV capable of 1080p for nearly 6 years!
If a £400 console can't reach that then it's pointless.

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I think Origins could be a double edged sword.
If it is counted it will darken the franchise a little, but if it isn't it will make Arkham knight seem so much more delicious.

Also i hope Joker doesn't come back (as much as i would love to run him over), simply because he's had 2 games. Arkham city was supposed to be about Strange and Joker kind of thrust himself into the story.

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