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Wrote buy a forum dweller for forum dwellers.

I’ve seen some terrible blogs on blogs4fanboys over the years, and this is up there with the best of them.

I feel bad for giving that site the click that it didn’t deserve

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Oh look, newmonday leading the fightback. Even with an optimised jaguar, this was still a very bad day for the sony fans

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Gamingbolt just doing the same stuff day in day out for them n4g hits..

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Amazing game with an atmosphere that today is still unrivaled.

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Over so years after launch, and Gamingbolt is still milking hits with these types of blogs lol

How is this site no banned??

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It's dead Jim

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I'm loading a BTB on halo as I type... OK for me

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Why isn't rashid or more importantly his pathetic blog site banned???????

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Don't bother reading the link. Usual Gamingbolt clickbait.

He just says that any SDK will bring improvements. Nothing to see

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He always responds, and that is Gamingbolt goes to him... Nothing gets hits better from n4g, than some xbone bashing.

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Bad site just writing rubbish for hits!

If everyone stopped giving that crap site hits, then they would stop. Same with dualshockers.

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@ 4show.

Its abriael, not only does he get hits for his blog site, he also stands a chance of winning the prize for most degrees a month on there.

Pure click bait

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You only have yourselves to blame n4g.

You let abrieal and rashid sayed write so much trash, twitter and neogaf trolls, and two paragraph blogs, all for hits, that now these two in particular think that they can do what they want.

Jesus the front page of this site is filled with their waste of space hit leeches daily.

These two sites should be banned! With immediate effect.

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Resolution or framerate in the title, and before even looking you know its dualshockers.. Ban these troll sites

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Sorry is this 1993?? Street fighter was once THE franchise. Now street fight and the entire genre is one notch above niche.

Outside of the Sony cheerleaders on here and sonygaf, no one thinks that this is great, or are even interested.

Cod or GTA megaton, street fighter 5 not so much. Disagree away kids.

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it is always the same people leaching hits for their web-sites or trying to win the 50 for themselves.

The worst troll sites obviously being dualshockers and gamingbolt

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dualshockers posting tweets again...lol

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a hit leech ripped straight from a neogef thread


ban this site

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@ Saigon.

Yep, Gamingbolt needs to be banned

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lol @ siagon..

gotta keep them hits rolling. gamingbolt/dualshockers absolutely abuse n4g

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