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Not really it’s just not made for y’all, all their games are high quality and praised but they are kinda niche it’s just not made for you types

Not every game is made for everyone

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Capping gamer-uhhh I’m so outraged and

Me-when was the last assassin creed game you played and beat?

Capping gamer- uhh the last one they released the newest one uhh black flag right!

Me- are you serious right now? Stop capping your not mad about assassin creed you barely play it your mad they are changing and doing stuff you don’t like your fake outrage admit it.

Capping gamer- but i uhh…ok your r...

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Pay for the upgrade tho? Sigh…..

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Yeah you got that reversed

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Some great games can’t wait

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No one cares especially Sony fanboys sense they can’t use it as ammo you won’t hear much about it

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Don’t care what matters is day 1 gamepass baby

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Same not paying 70$ cause Sony says so, I know Sony fanboys just accepted it and I wish they didn’t and kept the same energy for XBL price hike they had.

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Yeah no lol using my 500$ series X,

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Ps5 showing it was kinda rushed out again

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Um ok I guess I’m a primary Xbox guy so yay I guess? I don’t think this gonna affect casuals in any way lol.

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Imo dead island already has a great formula 4 player coop do quest level up gain skills find and build all kinds of different weapons just expand on all that maybe add some
New special infected more weapons of course more characters to pick from etc and it’s a new game so they will be new locations maybe add some new modes like horde and pvp and stuff DI2 imo does not have to do much to be a really good sequel just expand.

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Dead island 2!!!???? 👀 Please I want it!! At this point it may be a next gen game only

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Uh huh cool story bro so sick of the he said she said devs interviews ima just gonna wait for for Sony to prove it at there event prove to me how much of a difference it is with your ssd prove to me the speed compared to series X prove it all to me at the event.

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Yes because they have no show coming up where they are gonna show games your premature hate is odd but you were never interested in Xbox in the first place just more concern trolling

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Then don’t buy a series x or sell your previous Xbox consoles and buy a ps5 and move on OR maybe wait until you see the games instead of worrying about a subject you know nothing about and only brought up by others is the sole reason you have any concern about it in first place by others who know nothing about it let them show infinite And any other games they have look at it if all you can think about it what was held back then don’t get a Xbox.

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Look at these comments oof people hate Microsoft like it’s a religion the weird part there still gonna watch the show hopeing Xbox fails of course it’s crazy and odd to see some people trying to spin this into a negative for Xbox and gamers seriously just go buy a ps5 you didn’t want a xbox anyway and never was gonna get one all this concern trolling is weird just buy your ps5 and be happy?

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I assume your not getting a SX and hate Microsoft but will watch the show anyway? Weird.

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Made a mistake? Lmao yeah we will see.

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Sure let’s keep pretending this is not heading into a new gen let’s pretend the Xbox one x didn’t come at the end of the gen life cycle let’s keep pretending this is 2013 launch Xbox let’s keep pretending Microsoft didn’t get 16 new studios let’s pretend they haven’t shown next gen games already let’s pretend the only thing series x does better then ps5 is power.

I’m sorry but if you believe next gen is gonna be anything like this gen your a clown 🤡 idk what kinda ...

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