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Well as great as GTA 4 was, the combat felt very clunky, so if they use the shooting mechanics from max payne I'll be very happy, maybe no bullet time or anything, just the aiming and cover mechanics will be enough.

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Seeing as we know very little about the game this time, let's not condemn a new developer simply because they're not rocksteady

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For all we know they could be being completely honest here, but we'll never know since they are owned by WB. Or maybe they are saying these things without any influence from WB at all, but how would we know?

Jumping to the conclusion that this is nothing but a forced PR move, is probably something we've learnt to do thanks to companies like EA.

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Article contains spoilers, also contains people who forget to alert readers to spoilers. Just spoiled a major moment of a game I'm currently playing so a little pissed off at these monkeys.

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There's a lot of reasons to hate the new Dante, but playing the demo I did find the combo system quite entertaining. I'm gonna give this game a chance, emo teenager Dante or not.

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You know aside from complaining about ubisoft milking this franchise. I actually thought ac3 was a real step up from previous games, and I respect them for making story based dlc, so sick of developers just sticking extra multi player maps onto a game.

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Compared to last year's vga, and this year's e3, I actually found this year's a lot less cringe worthy.

Though I do feel that it's more of a celebration of how marketing can demolish creative integrity. Rather than a celebration of the industry, which is the reason we have award shows.

If you want a professional award show for the industry I'd look no further than the video game baftas, makes the vgas look like a kids show.

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Not to me it isn't. I know I'd certainly be dissatisfied if the next generation xbox or play station were like that.

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I've always seen the sales of a sequel more dependant on the satisfaction of the previous title. Telling me that less people bought blops 2 because of how they felt with their mw3 purchase. I remember feeling mw3 a very weak.

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Hardcore gamers don't hate motion controls, they hate half baked inaccurate motion controls. If you played kinect star wars you'll know what I'm talking about. The technology is still in its infancy, so we just have to sit back and wait until motion controls become as refined and developed as other input devices.

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Revelations, probably the most overused subtitle in the industry.

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I agree with this article in the sense that you need to know that this game isn't refined enough to become a main fighter to be played solely, though if just take it for a laugh it can be enjoyed.

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I find it funny that your comment has 117 agrees when I read it.

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Whenever I see reviews like this it makes me wonder whether the reviewer only chose such an different view to increase traffic to their site. Or maybe it's more of a hipster response, doing the opposite of everyone else. Cause it's too mainstream.

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I felt disappointed with Reach, and I worshiped Bungie up until that point. Fingers crossed Halo 4 is what it's hyped up to be.

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Tell you what needs to stop, these hate mongering articles.

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I'm excited for both halo and cod. Though I kinda want halo do well since the guys at 343 seem to be working real hard to make halo to the standard of the original 3. I felt bungie dropped the ball a little with reach.

I'm sure cod will be great as always especially since it's a treyarch release. I just think it'll be sad if Halo underperformes because of it.

Yes I realise I had little to say about EAs latest attempt to be Activision. Must ...

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On disc dlc the game, your original purchase allows you to access the title screen, from then on you pay msp per match. Pay twice as much if you wish to enjoy it.

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So 40% of teens have more money than sense.

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What's with all the hate here? Almost makes me ashamed to be a gamer. I own both a 360 and a ps3 and hearing that either of them are selling well is good news as far as I'm concerned.

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