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Man you would be glad if Micro dropped you off a cliff on your head.
Why would you not want more options for gaming is a mystery to me but maybe it's because it's just not on your system of choice.
It is sheeple like you that will make this company continue in it's current state. Mislead and flat out lie to their consumers.
Feed their consumers a line of bull the entire generation then rinse and repeat.
You guys/gals in that camp seem to eat...

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They need to stop butchering these fighting games.
Give all the fighters up front and stop with the seasonal release of characters.

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Include it with Gold then

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If more people experience it, they will buy it. I was skeptical til I tried it and then I had to have it.
More software and better experiences are starting to trickle in as well.
VR & AR are here to stay. Only going to get better from here on out.. Some day the OASIS or better..

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Now that is some phenomenal advertising. Hype Train full speed ahead!

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That was a rather fast price drop.

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Happy Father's Day to anyone and everyone out there whom is a father or plays the role of a father in their family.

I bought God of War collectors edition on launch but waited to start playing it til today because of the whole father and son set up..
Being a father myself I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to start my first play-through on fathers day. Going to be an emotional and epic ride for sure.. GAME ON

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Soon as these companies release a system they are deep into work and development into the next..

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We will find out either with leaks or at one of the other shows this year if not a trickle of goodness at each show.
I think they will show something good at PSX because of the reaction and impact. It is especially for PlayStation gamers and it is also a reason a lot of people even go to these shows.
They want to be surprised and wowed.
I know when I go I want some awesome announcement or something, anything really lol

E3 used to be a huge industr...

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Nah that first party addition is just to keep stringing their players along and hoping they stay subscribed until each one releases.
Also with the design layout of the X I think they may be headed in more of a XboxsteamboxX direction, to be honest I thought they were just going to release upgraded modular inserts from the initial design of the X..
It is very modular.
Next gen they may release a standard and an upgraded model but the only difference would be the m...

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Sometimes people fear or hate what they do not understand.
As for me I am quite intrigued to see what this game turns out to be like.
Kojima San bring it!

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Yep that's the thing I see a lot of folks doing this it was the same for God of WAR.
PlayStation releases exclusives that are also system sellers...

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I own a switch and PS4 as well but all I did was make an account for each platform..
It is not like the game is unplayable if you can't jump from one platform to another.

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Nice! Gamers asked and the studio delivered

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To be honest the only reason I bought HELL BLADE was to support their independence.
Good game but only got it at launch to support them.. They must have been on life support......----------------- ---
to sell out.

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Absolutely an awesome time for Playstation and gamers. Quiet Man as well can't wait to hear more about it.

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A lot of games all around

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Only when they think they are ahead (chest pounding and trash talking) other than that it is why is everyone picking on us.
I tend to stay with what has more consistency and reliability.

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Elder Scrolls VI Yes! Lots of games coming...

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Maybe good news for their NEXT BOX console and for their Games pass portfolio.
But this really didn't do much for the X in general. Plus many will probably wait til they actually start delivering..

Especially since they grabbed a few devs but most already only made xbox games
and we will probably see most of the fruits of the other devs labor NEXT gen.

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