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It's on a 14nm process....how the hell did they manage to make it less energy efficient than the Nvidia cards that are on 16nm?

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True. My adblocker just went nuts. From 0-60 in 5 seconds. That's faster than my car.

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I've never bought one either. If the game proper doesn't have enough content for me, I just don't buy it.

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Me too. Then add Xenoblade and that number would easily double. Oh and Bayonetta 2 to double that again.

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88 Meta

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Definitive version.

Doesn't look that impressive though. I'm surprised the consoles can't manage 1080p/60.

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Slightly more stable FPS at slightly higher resolution is still slightly. As usual.

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Mmmm dat stutter tho....

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Slightly. As usual.

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Not sure who says that. Many of the Halo games are masterpieces and I'd love to play them on PC.

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I agree. After the disappointment of the Wii and, to a lesser extent, Wii U, I need a Metroid of Prime proportions to get me to invest in Nintendo hardware again.

Either that or a new franchise with the same level of exploration, action and depth.

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Was this ever exclusive to PS4? If it was good I've always planned on getting it on PC.

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Damn is this an article or a walkthrough?

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I think the Wii U version looks better. But not by much.

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All this does is remind me of a time when Nintendo made cutting edge hardware. I loved the Gamecube. Metroid Prime at 480p 60fps was a real showstopper. Twilight Princess and Resident Evil 4 were epic too.

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Wow the story and villains must be bad if they're even worse than Far Cry 4.

Now Vaas - HE was a badass. A genuinely awesome bad guy. Too bad the fight with him was QTE garbage.

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They both look absolutely awful in this video. And it is the video as they both looked way sharper on the IGN comparison.

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Especially after playing it at 60fps in the multiplayer lately. I really don't want to go back.

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PS4 version just looks too bright in general. The colours in the Xbox One really seem to pop.

Like I said: it could just be that is wasn't compared properly.

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Are the colours better on Xbox One or is this just a poor comparison?

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