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I has to say this "article" is laughable..... who is approve it? lol

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I posted this nearly five years ago and appears to be as true as ever:

"Wouldn't supprise me, always imagined that MS were trying to converge Console Gamers and PC, and 360 is so close as to be a simple low spec gaming only PC :/

If they can get Console Gamers on to PC then its all good for them and shareholders as it will mean additional sales of Windows and thats where the money is. Its why MS havent bothered with 1st party studios..."

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I have to laugh... You really should read a link before you post it. Dear Patcher is like an inaccurate Mystic Meg!!

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Some PC textures I would have to agree look worse.

Check ground textures from 00:26 - 01:02 in video. Aside from being washed out PC looks markedly blurrier and lower resolution!

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@DanManDantheMan If you had presented the full figures and applicable periods you may not have got so many disagrees.. also I don't know many educated people who were guessing 500k-1m in "two days"!!

All in the PS4 is having a great launch in Japan, times change, people change and so does the economic climate, given all these factors and Japan's preference in recent years to portables this is in fact a GREAT launch for the PS4, one that I hope continues and ...

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If cinevie is present on one of your disks you are backing up it can be removed by 'padding' the audio - LPCM pass-through trick, either via MKV2VOB 2.4.7 (don't use updated version and disable auto update) or by using MKVExtract, tsMuxer and spdifer. Files may only be playable on PS3 mind.

MakeMKV-Handbrake-MKV2VOB have given me no troubles and are very quick.

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I don't get this whole 'launch drought' thing, 1) This is a next gen launch we're talking about and 2) this is pretty much the best (for both consoles) launch line up I can remember and I firmly believe we will see more games before launch day is upon us (at GC / TGS).

All in I'm pretty excited for next gen!

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lol that would not be my idea of the PS4's secret line up!

For me I would like follow up's to Legends of Dragoon, The Getaway, Syphon Filter, Beyond Good and Evil, Jack and Daxter - New IP's: Agent, Agni's Philosophy, Deep Down, The Last Guardian...

Now if Sony did my list at Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show they would slam dunk the next gen and have me cueing for a second console at launch.

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Re Xbox One, as far as I know there is limited support for the Live TV feature with only Comcast mentioned to date, no DVR support and as such if you want to access our recordings you'll still need the cable remote. It also uses an antiquated IR blaster which is pretty hit and miss, slow and plays up under interference (plasma light).

Re PS4 I would like confirmation about codec support and video play from an external HDD as that’s currently how I play my backups when not...

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@Foxgod @Pandamobile

As already stated by @PLASTICA-MAN the customisations in the PS4's GPU make its GPU far better at these operations than an off-the-shelf PC GPU:-

- 8 ACE's each capable of running 8 CL's each.
- Additional bus providing a direct link to system memory that bypasses the GPU's caches.
- Enhanced L2 cache to better support simultaneous use by graphics and compute workloads.


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Whilst that 'may' limit the bandwidth difference between the XBoxOne and PS4, you seem to be forgetting the that PS4 has 6 (50%) more Compute Units than the XBoxOne 18 vs. 12, in addition to twice as many ROPS 32 vs. 16.

You can do what you want with the eSRAM but it isn't going to change the fact the PS4 is a more powerful piece of hardware!

Your comment "So there is no confirmation that ps4 is more powerful"...

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LOL I get disagrees because I agree that “Sony is back in full glory”?

They are!... this is the Sony I remember, a PS2 era Sony and no amount of disagrees will change that fact!

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Cboat, but I took that to infer they were going to be worse, but could of course mean the region lock and limited release countries. Either way it isn't this as console CAN be sold on!

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True, but to be honest MS have brought it upon themselves and it's not surprising people jump on every bit of bad news as I'm not sure anything can now be worse than the actual truth..

- 30% less powerful
- DRM - Always on, always watching (NSA style)
- $100 more expensive
- Bigger (not even accounting for power brick)
- MS past history on a mo...

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1 Reason... It's not an Xbox One! '.'

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Agreed, my hope is that Vita sales will be invigorated by the PS4 (remote play) and that Sony bolster the advertising for Vita / Vita games (which includes the PS+ Vita instant games collection / Games.

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Naaah.. if they were thinking that far ahead they would have seen you'd never want to get it!

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On a more positive note, the PS4 looks pretty damn awesome and indeed smaller than anticipated!

Neogafs very own EviLore testing the PS4's spinning capabilities:

PlayStation (PS4) and plaids clearly making a comeback...

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