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So in these past five years the 360 has been out, MS has only managed to lose studios(Bungie, Ensemble) Shame. MS sucks for this.

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Yeah.. fuccin.. right.

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" Now, are we going to see the next versions of Splinter Cell on other platforms? That I can’t answer, but there’s no reason why we wouldn’t go on other platforms. And other versions of Splinter Cell have been on multiple platforms."

All of them have been Multiplatform. So, I'd be surprised if SC:C didn't make a "jump" to the PS3. Jump out

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That's for damn sure. It'll be like the slim all over again.

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Did he just say, And go out of his way to prove, with a link that Sony stole "Wakeboarding" from Nintendo? Wow.

http://psx.ign.com/objects/... I don't know what else you're implying here, but Wakeboarding's been around here and there.

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Not even an official release date; there never was an official release date.

It's silly to think GT5 will not come out for another year, what with all the media coverage For GT5. And for once, they may just actually be done with the game This year. I however, do think the article is A valid one, with just and factual statements from Sony etc.

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Looks amazing with the Move.

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Wow. The same majority buying wii's are soo concerned about this... /s

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Been playing Uncharted 2 multiplayer a lot more recently. Now, the kind of improvements and effort put into that game is what I want to see in MW2.

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Scores are only as relevant as the context within the review. People automatically see a 9 and say "why not a 10?" They don't read why it got a 9, 8, or 7 before flying off the handle; they just do.

Not only with this review, just something I've noticed every time an embargo lifts.

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No need to get accept over some text and an avatar. You react, it's sad; he does it on purpose, he's sadder.

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No one hates on the PS3. People have opinions and preferences; respect and accept that. You'll be more happier, i promise you.

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There are plenty of varied and great games on PS3.

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Really good scores so far, especially since Santa Monica had some core members that weren't involved for the project.

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3D games/ movies to encourage uptake. What's hardware without the software; an iphone without the apps?

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My worry at this point is not whether or not motion controls will be optional, but if the team will use motion controls as the mindset when developing analog controls. To make things more simpler.

3D is not a bad touch. If this is true at all.

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GT5 is starting to remind me of an RPG game with all these options. Which is pretty much a good thing here in the West because of the culture.

Social apps have become a big part of the culture here because of the vast options available to you to customize your experience. Speaking of whichh, facebook integration wouldn't be bad.

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I'm sure some people said the same about FFX when it first came out. Anyway, great score to a game that's been long overdue.

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Agreed. Quite a confusion, especially to the people who have already made up their minds about the game because of those reviews.

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