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Cant wait to play this on my sim rig

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Ah must've dreamt that ending, where I thought they teased the next GOW coming next year... Or the fact they have a huge IP in SpiderMan as an exclusive and launch title... 🤣

Or... as a huge racing fan, that the next numbered Gran Turismo is being released. Yah...

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Sony's build-up to the PS5 launch has been so good and so bad at the same time lmao, its so weird. Im sure COVID played a part in that, but luckily for Sony the Playstation is so strong and their IP/Exclusives are so strong they could've told us nothing but the release date and price and it would've sold out anywhere lol.

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Batman never actually dies (Bruce Wayne technically), in both the Arkham verse and Dark Knight trilogy Bruce always fakes his death and essentially retires the batman. Would be pretty weird for Batman to actually be dead lmao

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When GTA 6 does eventually get released, it will be a huge pop culture event. Insane numbers.

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$500, thank me later.

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Be wary to how you say that lmao, as AMD calls their Laptop GPU's as 'mobile GPUs'

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I swear some of these devs/publishers have a fetish for making bigger and bigger maps lmao

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Oh would you look at that I was correct. lol idiot.

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Damn, I always forget how big the disparity is between Sony and Microsoft in Europe. Being from the UK (were probably 80% of these Xbox sales come from for the whole of Europe lmao) I forget just how dominate the sony/playstation brand is in mainland Europe. Like we already know Sony dominates Xbox in the Asian markets. Also cool to see how well Switch is doing, I finally bought one this week and now (finally) have all 3 :D

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Just keep giving me Triple A Story Driven games and Ill keep buying!

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Yup because Rockstar > Santa Monica

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Everything I read points to 2020.

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8 year old me would be going crazy seeing this... Well actually 20 year old me is going crazy seeing this. Like holy shit that literally looks like it was ripped out of the original movies.

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Still feel like its gonna be 2020, everything just points to that date imo

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I take it most at N4G are not a fan of RDR2 lmao

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Super intrigued to see how infinite turns out, they say it will be innovative yet go back to its roots?

Also it better come out on the xbox one, don't really plan on upgrading to Scarlett till well into the next generation as Im only planning on picking up a PS5 at launch. (Yes I know it will come out on PC, but I have a MacBook and dont intend to get a PC capable of gaming anytime soon as most of my friends are console gamers).

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You've just fried my brain GG.
Think I have the same number of brain cells as you now.

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While most people in N.America probably dont care for PES, the fact they're giving the newest version for free is incredible to me!

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I'm personally not a fan of the idea of mid-gen upgrades, but happy to seeing Microsoft doing well.

Having multiple competitive companies in the sector is only beneficial for consumers, look at how well the PS4 turned out when Sony realised they gave a lot of their market share to the X360 (particularly in NA and the UK).

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