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No, the 380 was 175 with rebate, so I jumped on that . I didnt need anything too powerful. My total for my build was around $780.

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The important things that I ordered are: amd fx8350, Sapphire r9 380 4gb, Seagate 1tb, Kingston 120gb ssd and crucial 8gb of ram. I'm primarily going to be using to play games, like planet coaster and rct world. I wasnt planning on doing a build til fall but when I got a good amount back on my tax return I decided to do it now.

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I used to pc game a lot when I was really little, titles like test drive 5, rct 1,nfs high stakes, and sim city 3000 for example. So I kind of know what I am getting into but I never had a dedicated gaming pc before. Can't wait though!

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In a few days I will be building my first gaming pc. Just waiting for everything to arrive. Thank you tax return. :)

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I just got an email from Amazon saying the release date was changed since I put my order in. I ordered it in January it's now arriving may 10th.

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I heard it's a complete trainwreck. Saw tons of complaints on their forums. I was going to buy it since I've been waiting years for sequel to rct 3 but I'll stick with planet coaster for now.

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I agree. I loved dirt 2&3 and I platinum both games.

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1. Modern warfare 1 (SP & MP)
2. Modern warfare 2 (SP & MP)
3. Black ops 1 (MP)
4. Advanced Warfare (SP)

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I used to love gametrailers when they had the invisible walls show on it. There was the first gaming show I ever watched. Also epic battle axe was great too.

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Sorry I meant to click agree but missed clicked.

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All three timesplitters games. It took me around 8 years and three different saves (Ps2 memory card broke, BC ps3 broke) to finally 100% future prefect. Loved all three, especially 2 and FP. Also NFS underground 1&2 and most wanted.

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So for the xbox one on amazon has a deal where you can pay $325 and get a free game as long as it is sold by amazon. That deal is good through 11/21 and this $50 off deal starts tomorrow. Just that mean you can get xbox one for $275 and get free game with the bundle?

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I have a windows phone so I don't get majority of games and I don't care at all since mobile gaming is meh.

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I'm in the xbox one preview program and I've had the new dashboard for around a month. It is definitely a lot faster than it was before. I am still not a huge fan of the layout, but it is slowing growing on me. But the PS4 UI is simpler which I like because it easier to find things.

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It's written by a user on car throttle's site, not by someone on their staff.

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The author is a preview member for xbox one, how does the author not know how bc works on xbox one? "What we don’t know is how we’re going to access those games if we didn’t already own an Xbox 360." You buy the game for 360 physically or digitally and boom it works on your xbox one, if it is supported.

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Great deal, for people who don't want to wait for it to come in the mail, best buy has it for $350 also.

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OKs thanks! That is awesome that the dlc is now free.

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I keep seeing this game for super cheap for a while now, I have been meaning to pick it up. And I just wanted to know is the online community still active?

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I buy whatever is cheaper, but I hope physical stays since I like seeing my collection grow.

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