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If the extra power is only for vr then don't waste your time.

Buy a decent pc.

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Ps4 is that loud?

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Am i supposed to believe you bought an xbox1 with that comment? BS.

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I had alll the systems last gen. 360 crapped on all others from start to finish.

Im sick and tired of hearing how great unchartered was and how great tlou was.

I played these and was moved not!

360 was the place to be with pals. Best games to have plain and simple. Sdf can bash that disagree button all day and all night, that won't change my opinion.

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Is it time for n4g to retire 'dumb' articles?

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Pretty sure I could see and read your post before pressing disagree ;-)

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You can never stop determined guys wanting to prove their skills against the big boys.

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Really? This question on n4g? Ultimate face palm.

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Make sure you have two jobs before buying ;-)

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Looking forward to some Doom.

Now if I could break out the wad editor and go totally old skool on this, I'd be like a pig in ****.

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Not sure how a game can change your life.

Enjoy playing them yeah. Maybe somebody can enlighten me a little.

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Some dodgy looking tan lines on number 2 ;-)

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Jet Set Willy remake in HD.

Bring that and I'll salivate. Hehehehehe.

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This is my first post in ages.

For fucks sake people, stop being said little pricks.
I couldn't give a fuck if you own a ps4, xb1 or both. Play games for fucks sake.

Seriously I must be getting older and less sad.

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Please try to be a little less fanboyfullretardish.

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My favourite game on the 360.
Despite all the marketing spent on other big hitters, I never saw this game coming. Only really bought it for the halo beta.
But was I pleasantly surprised by how much the game drew me in and kept me hooked for weeks and weeks. Loved it!

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I understand that technically third party games on PS4 are superior, however my gaming pc's blow my XB1 away technically (and PS4 for that matter), yet I never think I'm losing out playing games on my XB1.
In fact, I love the games on my XB1.

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Fantastic bit of spit and polish on those visuals.

Gears gears gears. Can't wait to do this all over again.

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I'm sure Sony will allow external drives in time. It is just a simple solution for the poor storage in both consoles.

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