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It’s so ironic that for almost 2 decades it’s been an online crowd that spew the “plantation makes single player 3rd person narrative driven games and that’s it!” folks out here. Then they would make a multiplayer game and it would be “they wish they were (insert other fps game that’s popular) and aren’t original!”.

Same type of people that swear they won’t play on PS because “Xbox is where multiplayer is best!”. Now they are releasing not only single player narrative games...

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I never said any of that, I said I don’t see the point of playing wonky emulated versions when the superior versions exist elsewhere.

Then on top of that the 60fps versions of said games is actually impactful on the performance of the games you want to try but don’t have real improvements to spend all that time on the few said games that’s “worth it”.

But you can assume what you want out of that

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Not even sure what the point of pirating anything on switch. Anything multiplatform has a superior existing version on other platforms. And the games that are “worth” it aren’t even that impressive in emulation to go through the hassle for.

I had yuzu and wanted to play games I had bought at higher performance/resolution and it was such a mixed bag. But games like astral chain at 60 fps didn’t change the other flaws the game had. Just made it faster

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Evidence in execution is superior to speculated standards. It doesn’t matter how high your numbers are if nothing you produce exhibits the results you claim.

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Hmm, MGS4 had the same liberties as all prior MGS games. You could do a complete stealth no kill run in mgs4 with no issue. While also giving a large array of gameplay variations that enhanced the experience.

No MG game except Revengeance has not been able to have complete stealth runs.

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All steam charts are good for is letting you know how many at any given time are playing ON PC! No one has the numbers for consoles and crossplay makes the argument moot

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Sekiro on pc has gone on sale for the bajillionth time to the same 30 dollar sticker. What’s the point of sales if they always hit the same price mark on every sale? You think because you rarely put your 4 year old game on sale for more then 10% on basic sales that we think it’s a great deal when your “Big sale” puts it on for the same 50% is a joke

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I alternate controllers on the games support, a lot of games don’t support ps5 controllers so I use the Xbox instead if not. No real preference for me just options

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Ryan will make an entire article about how bad psvr2 is. But will never admit the series S is a huge mistake and I think it’s very easy to know why.

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This is such a bullshit take, they don’t care about it but they are releasing tons of games for it? Showcasing well polished games in EVERY direct they have is now not caring? Planning to expand to PC is now not caring? The willful ignorance that people have against VR is insane to me at times. Especially considering Sony is the only big gaming company invested IN IT!

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“There is so much to appreciate with this game, and some people frankly just like to complain and pick apart something. “

That’s because the way we receive information on our product is from announcement then “sanctioned” criticism from select outlets that have taught us their reviews are more trust worthy then our own interest/experience.

Because we also value a point system more than what’s enjoyable. We have become to involved in the breakdown of the g...

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Star Wars is still actively huge! What are you talking about? They still made over billions off the franchise including the last 3 movies that supposedly are hated.

Star Wars Outlaws ISNT EVEN OUT, and JUST because yall seen a female protagonist and SBI people like you are losing your mind. Ragnarok a game they were involved in is also one of the most well received and financially successful games to date. Alan wake 2, Spider-Man 2… none of these games are bad or derivative...

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F it I’ll say it, imagine European influence being imposed upon the world the last several CENTURIES forcing into lands that weren’t theirs. Forcing trades with genocide, forcing cultures to ONLY show Europeans as the superheroes of the world.

To SBI that consults with companies to be inclusive… not even ERASING Eurocentric presence which mind you we have seen PLENTY of games that have been changed FOR the Eurocentric market from Japanese to 80% of set pieces being from the...

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I’m on new game plus at level 221 I’m just trying to reach the locations me and my buddies took out radahn next is mog lol

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I still find it funny that Microsoft is spinning its obligations that it has to releasing on other systems as if it is some noble decision. Before they bought the companies they did these games were all in development easily the last 3-5 years and had some type of standing agreement they absorbed.

People are acting like this is a dependency when in reality it’s them just trying to avoid major lawsuits. I am willing to bet any game that’s started development in the last year...

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I don’t know and won’t know until I play it

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Originals still exist, remakes are MEANT to make updates and changes. It does not erase the existence of originals. People need to learn how to detach their expectations versus the developers new vision.

If we are getting upgrades to textures, character models, environments and pushing more polygons. This will ALWAYS be different, especially since the original art style is a product to the time it was created by its technological limits.

Stop being upse...

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When Sony announces games that have a while to go people get upset. When Sony announces a state of play filled with 3rd party focus people get upset. Sony announces tons of VR games that are exclusive, and info on games releasing soon people get upset.

Microsoft shows us 3 games they announced over the last 3 years with a bunch of 3rd party support and more expensive console revisions. People claim this what they want online?

Yall fried in the head

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Crazy they made the more desirable series x even more expensive which will ultimately make people LESS likely to get it still buying the weaker console and ultimately continuing to alienate the owners of the series X because 80% of their install base is still gaming in S.

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People who will pre-order it?

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