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Yeah thats what Im saying.. If im gonna invest another few hundo in another console.. It has to be a monster, not just a slight upgrade over whats out..

Especially since.. Sony still has more In house devs.. Nintendo would have to make some insane games to make me buy a wii 2.. Right now Sonys exclusives are hard to beat..

But like i said.. Wii2 announcement will make the wii alot more affordable.. I could def see myself buying it when it hits 100 bucks.. I m...

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Honestly.. I have only really played Nintendo for certain games.. Mostly Smash Bros.. Having a barely more powerful than a PS3 Nintendo system.. Just doesn't do it for me.. Shovelware and No real Titles outside SmashBros and maybe Zelda.. I can never really get my self to purchase a Nintendo.. If anything I will prolly buy a Wii when Wii2 comes out and the price drops under a 100 bucks.. Grab some Smash bros and classic controllers..

Also Them releasing a console in the ...

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It is for me.. Im not mad like some gamers... Hackers are online terrorist. So security is enough for me.. But the sad part is stuff like this will be spun and put Sony in a negative light.. Sony will try and limit the damage buy offering something..

Thats what all good business do regardless of whos fault it is

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Sony is gonna give gamers something.. They know we are frustrated and know even though it wasnt their fault they have to make us happy..

They will give us something, Free downloads or new PSN features.. It will be something

I will be shocked if they dont

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HAHAHA.. My comment got banned? Wow.. Wasnt even that vulgar or bad..

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Work out, Bang the Wife and Head to work.. Thats my mornings.. Vid games usually come at night.. Wont hurt to get a lil extra sleep

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I swear if those douche bag wanna be "V for vendetta" guys are behind it.. Those people are video game terrorists... Making insane claims and saying they are helping us.. Well I dont know how attacking Sony and ruining our online is helping us.. I pay for the game, tv, and internet and I want to play when I want to play.. So IF its them.. They are fu.cking that up and those guys can burn in hell.. If its not.. and if its on Sonys side.. They will prolly offer something for the incon...

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Yea the camera is horrible.. I never understood why they changed it in the first place.. Everyone in confrontation just changed it to classic anyways.. So why not just keep classic?

Love the game though

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Eh.. whats a few bucks

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HaHa true.. duplicates just make it double worse.. Cause the more see the more you want it

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I hate these UC articles.. It doesnt come out for awhile.. And all it does. IS MAKE ME GO NUTS ABOUT WAITING..

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I gotta admit.. Those are pretty sick.. and actually make me want to get one..

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I think its a great idea.. If you love the game, or on the fence about it.. It gives the extra incentive to get it.. If your not a Socom fan then your not gonna get the game anyways and gonna make this an excuse on why you didnt get..

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Ok. So your the driver is just for looks? I hope each driver adds something to the table besides looks. Maybe speed or handling. I don't want it not to matter who I picked. That's the fun of TM, picking a driver based on car and special

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Im still a lil confused.. So does each car have their own special? Or does the Driver? Seeing Sweettooth in Axels ride is weird.. But im curious if that changes the aspect of Axels ride..

Still pumped for this game regardless of how confused I am haha

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Thanx.. People can call me a socom lover.. but read some of my older posts before the beta.. I was one of the more skeptical fans.. but after playing it and looking past the Flaws.. a few updates to fix those things.. and Socrack is back baby

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I think the problem with people and this game is.. Its different.. Different from past Socoms, Different from COD.. but In all honesty its a direction IT HAD TO GO.. Ive been playing since S2 and I can tell you Core Socom is there.. Classic is a blast.. What they did with the weapons was genius to me.. Now you can have your fav weapon and upgrade it by using it making it better.. There wont be a newb cannon like in past socoms which everyone used..

You get rewarded by having...

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Exactly.. I was overwhelmed at first.. It didnt give me that Socom feel.. Then I hacked away at it.. Now its "SOCOM" that feel is there.. A few old game modes, old camera view.. and cross hairs and this game will be the best.. I like the level up weapon system.. Because you like a weapon and can make it better by using it.. So far in the beta there is no "dominate" few guns.. Everyone uses whatever..

Air strikes add a nice touch for a good round.. wish it...

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Tripping man.. This could be the best Socom since S2.. besides a few annoying bugs.. Its hella fun.. I like the changes they made.. It blows confrontation out the water

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