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"That being said, competition of a console isnt black and white when it comes to one vs another. you also have to look at the popularity of a previous system. case in point. Ps2 outpaced the PS1 by a significant margin. Therefore it is safe to assume that the logic behind the success of the PS3 should be equally successful. unfortunately...that wasnt the case."

Not sure if you meant it this way, but from what you said, the measure of success for a con...

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Hmm, question about the Vita and the memory card crap. From what I gather the games come on memory cards or download online. If I get the physical copy of the game, do I still need to buy one of those crappy propriety memory cards? If so are there two memory card slots or what? /confused about this and don't feel like looking it up.

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BubUp for LevelHead. Well said.

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Are you sure Stik got Revelations from Steam? I would assume that he used some other service that didn't do everything for you...

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How is the PVP in this? From what I've read it's still really laggy and not very good at the moment.

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Everyone got an extra bubble.

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Since GT1 sold over 10 million copies before it was an established franchise, then we could, by your logic, conclude that every single Forza has been a failure, yes? I mean, by its third iteration of the franchise it still can't muster up a measly 10 million.

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Reported: spam.

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Actually, you can't say that. Do you have proof they wouldn't want to pay for HD? I'm sure many people do but can't afford it. Since that's as much of a generalization as most of the crap you've posted, I can get away with it.

And as for MW2, well, it's still upscaled to HD, is it not? Yes. So, what does that make it then? Oh, I almost forgot, HD. Something the Wii knows nothing about.

Since you insulted Ape for his poor English, do I write well enough to call...

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Yeah, cuz the iPhone has a really powerful physical game system...

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Tekken 6? Really? Why?

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Outside of the boss fights (and water) in Ninja Gaiden, you can get by the entire game spamming Izuna Drop over and over again on hard. Odd that a game praised for it's difficulty can be played with basically one move. <.< Still love the game, just sayin'.

Most all games are, or can be made repetitious. Racing games are repetitious, all fighting games, shooters, etc. Doing the same thing over and over again is what games are made of. Especially if there's a certai...

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Whenever Persona decides to go next gen I'll be happy.

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I wouldn't be so sure about that. Why can't they rehash much of the same crap from the last game? Halo has been doing it for a while now on consoles.

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A quick read on what client-server means. Client/server = dedicated server. Just an FYI.

Console only gamers...

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FragFX is trash. All it does is map the controller to a mouse and keyboard...leaving you with the same 'dead zone' in FPSs you have with a controller. Killing precision, minor movements, etc. It's not the same.

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Indeed. That is the trump card for consoles/handhelds. Their exclusives are amazing.

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No, I didn't miss the point. I don't like gross exaggerations. Saying you have to upgrade your PC that frequently is a damn lie. The same PC that could play Crysis (max settings) on/near its release date can still play EVERY PC game maxed out today. That's nearly two YEARS ago.

So, how often do I really have to upgrade again? Having the option is not the same as having the necessity. Console gamers use that as a crutch for PCs to talk trash and it's silly at best. Get real...

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How can a PC "fall old" at a faster rate than consoles when consoles are basically outdated by comparison at the time of their release? At least a PC might get four months as most powerful gaming platform on the market...consoles don't even get a day. Unless you're only comparing the PC's power to other PCs...that's just stupid since one: this article is comparing them to consoles, and two: that outdated PC would still put the console to shame regardless.

When console...

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