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What a shame, Instead of continue Days Gone story after the cliffhanger ending In the first. Sony rather make Bend do pointless live service game instead. Live service game hardly ever successful

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If server's weren't junk, probably be higher. Most people are waiting in the que due to the server capacity.

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Wayfinders is early access game that's on PlayStation.

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Too bad Sony wouldn't green light the sequel, especially now where they could do so much more with bigger hordes, more variety of places, visuals etc with the PS5 hardware. Sure had its issues but its not like it was terrible game like the critics/reviews made it out to be. UC1 was good, but wasn't great, took UC2 to push UC into the great franchise it is now. DG2 I think could've of done that. Plus how you going to end the game with a huge cliffhanger not make a sequel.

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Super excited 😁 for this been waiting awhile now it's almost here. Do hope some new creatures to face.

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Able to get mine, looking forward to Feb. to trying this bad boy out.

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That is a ugly looking controller, let alone just looks exactly like a xbox one controller but with ps plate cover

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Mobile gaming is just to big now, and people won't want to switch to another hand held for gaming if their phone more than cable of it. Exception of the Switch most people are going to use their phone. Still have the original Vita with OLED, sure be nice if Sony didn't abandon it so damn quickly but their focus is on PS5 and VR now for gaming, I'm fine with that.

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Depending on the price might get Jotnar edition. The fact neither collectors comes with disc so stupid. Steelbook might look good, but its worthless without the disc in it.

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New things coming to worldslayer very nice and has me interested for sure. The raid has to be full scale raid, not just point and shoot, the price of worldslayer will be justified at least to me.

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Of course, though it was a nice piece of tech for a handheld, Sony dropped the ball with it. Because it didn't do well, they act like it doesn't exist.

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Extra tier is very reasonable price, for what it is. Premium can't see the point in paying just to stream old games. Premium going to have to show lot more for me to pay that price.

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Beside the Volatiles not really being out at night, beside the chase, its the fact there's so many UV places now you go to at night or buildings in general that have some form of UV light to be safe from. Where in the first unless its a main safezone place or you had enough UV lanterns on you, you were very cautious at night. To me the problem is the over use of UV everywhere. They minimize those and only have main places with safezone with UV, night would be more like the first one.

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May not be as big as MS buying two of the biggest publishers,but still pretty big deal considering Bungie was the creators of Halo.

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This games needs a sequel, just for the secret ending with O'Brian. Be really stupid to end to a game on a cliff hanger like that. Sure it had problems, but its not like it was Cyberpunk problems, plus some of the problems were address later and fixed.

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Obviously there's many things that need to improve upon from the first, if a 2nd one is to be made,like more gameplay and way longer story. Overall the first game wasn't a bad game many things that Ready at Dawn did good like the atmosphere and cinematic of the game.

So if a 2nd is in the works just look what worked and didn't work in the first and improve upon, there's a chance it get be hit.

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February hurry up already, this looks so damn good. Monkeys robots that's going to be awesome, especially if your able to override couple and have them take down one of the bigger creatures.

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Super excited for this game, going to be a great game to start off 2022

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This is great improvement to the game, the fact its free its very good thing. Also finally adding transmong is great so many armor pieces that look good in the game. Haven't played this in months.

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Despite the shit going down with Blizzard, still looking forward to playing this masterpiece of a game.

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