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It's obvious that Sony owners want this game. It's the only reason that they're almost more vocal on a story for a Microsoft game than they are for Sony games.

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Remember when consoles became cheaper after they were released?

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My guess is that the PS3 architecture used programming that would make the port to PC more trouble than it was worth for them.

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It's tantric advertising. Hold it..... Hold it...... Sploosh.

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Bethesda knows what they're doing.

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This is awesome! The first thing I thought when I played Control was that I wanted Remedy to remake Max Payne in that engine. Dreams do come true!!!

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You will want to get a second job to afford the cars.

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That's funny. Usually people wait until a game's finished before going gold.

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I'm not a fan of the Drivatar model. They seem to learn the worst parts of a players playstyle and bring it into the single player game. Basically you get the worst of online gaming in your single player game.

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I'd be happy if someone brought back Blackthorne.

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Incoming microtransactions?

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My main issue with wanting the highest performance systems is that the developers are being pushed to release games that have a far longer development cycle. If you keep the specs low and don't push for realism constantly, it's possible to put out games in less than what it's taking for the next gen consoles.

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Ghostbusters. It doesn't have to be related to the movie. I just think having ghosts around town and fighting them in AR would be cool.

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The way I look at it, both the 32GB and 8GB versions of the Wii U are undersized. The 360 started out with a 20GB drive and that ended up being horribly undersized itself.

The Wii U's saving grace is that you can add external hard drives to it with a size limit of I believe 2TB. This is more than enough room and is cost effective.

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If you have a Wii U, rent the game. If you like survival horror games at all, you'll get hooked quick.

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The game is fine. There are plenty of people who are enjoying it, thoroughly.

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I'm pretty sure Ubisoft wasn't about to rewrite the engine and all of the game content just for one console. The only way you'll be able to see if the Wii U is powerful at all is on titles that have the engine and assets built specifically to take care of that. We probably won't see what the Wii U can or can't do until the next generation of consoles.

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Apparently one team knows how to keep their code tidy and the other one is just trying to push out the next iteration of their product.

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Scumbag Forza Horizon: Only lets you look at one square inch of your fender during replays. Video for car pack shows cameras all over the place.

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Forza Horizon must be what Project Gotham racing became. Most of the people out there wanted a game like Project Gotham but with the handling of a Forza sim and I think that Horizon is pretty much the best meld of the two that you can expect.

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