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Way look at all the fanboys showing their true colors. And they say N4G doesn't need to bring the Open Zone back. Please, now all the real gamers are mixed in with the immature fanboys. So much for a decent discussion on N4G.

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That's a fanboy way of thinking. You guys seems to forget that the PC is an actual that so hard to remember?

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You still haven't posed up a link. And just because it might work for SC2 doesn't mean it'll work for every other RTS game out there.

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LMAO @ Move beating mouse and keyboard controls. Your sarcasm is hilarious.

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The avatar is frakkin awesome.

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If gamers don't like something they shouldn't just accept it as is. Talk about rolling over and taking it up the ass. If people don't speak up devs will keep doing dumb shit like this.

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You must not own a Wii or DS.

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This game was way overhyped imo. After playing it I'm no longer disappointed that it wasn't released on the PC.

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Some of you guys are either little kids or teenagers who think the "hollywood/jersey shore look" is cool or the type of gamers that just accept anything the devs do to games you like no matter what it is because Sucker Punch is definitely neutering Cole with these changes. I'll be damned if evil Cole looks like this douche.

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Well said. People are always blindly defending UC2.

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Agreed. This is what I was trying to explain in my other comment.

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I've never fired a weapon myself but I think what Kraze was getting at was that maybe with the move there would be the problem of over aiming. I noticed this while playing games like RE4 on the wii and some of the Time Crysis games. Move may be highly precise but when you using a pistol type controller for games that require you to change targets frequently your accuracy decreases the longer you're holding the gun up aiming at the targets. Imagine playing games like Socom 4 for more t...

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Tenkaichi Tag Team:yes, Raging Blast 2:no thank you.

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And another one. Used up all my bubs but I think I got my point across.

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That's exactly who I think he's talking about. I still don't see how he could've read the story and made a comment like that seeing as how the guy really isn't being an assh0le at all.

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Another one that didn't read the story. I can do this all day people. Wait no I can't, I'm almost out of bubbles.

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I don't think these guys read the article. If they did they sure as hell can't read english seeing as how they don't understand what he said.

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+Bubs for speaking the truth.

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Didn't read the story did you?

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No it won't. Neither will Natal. Motion control is mediocre at best.

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