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Rockstar had a budget of what, over 260 million and how many years to work on GTA? How many of the staff are overseeing other titles as well? Please, enlighten me.

Naughtydog, I've been a big fan since Crash 2: Cortex Strikes Back, but they are given plenty of time, money, and freedom to create titles. Just look at Uncharted 4, how many times was it delayed? Do you think DICE & Battlefront/Battlefield have the same option?

Bethesda, another studio wh...

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Which theme is that if you don't mind me asking?

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They've said because it's 4 player co-op, that means they need to have more players on screen than before. It's also one of the reasons for dynamic resolution, that & the giant "fish-bowl"/vertical environments. So hopefully, there will be tons of enemies on screen.

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A few fans =/= whole fan base.

Some Xbox fans hate Halo. Does that meant they all hate Halo?

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Why would indies not count? Xbox started this whole indie craze on the 360 with Xbox Live Arcade. I remember fanboys of other consoles saying indies don't count then either. Games are games.

As for Rise of Tomb Raider, it's another game you can play on your X1 this holiday season.

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I don't get whats so bad about what your saying, all those games sound fun, am I wrong?

Gears was one of the finest multiplayer (and third persons) games last generation. Now it's on Xbox One with dedicated servers, better netcode, and more gametypes & options. Sounds great. The game is also $39.99. Pretty good price for a game essentially remade from the ground up.

Rare Reply includes tons of great games for a great price. I'm sure Rare fans ...

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In that thread he basically says for all intents and purposes it is CG.

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Guardians are the names of the Forerunners decimating Human Colonies. Basically they're the huge enemy/mystery in this game.

Fireteam Osiris has been confirmed for awhile now. I think Trials of Osiris launched around May, and we've known for Osiris for longer than that or around the same time, pretty much coincidental.

Halo has various Fireteams like Fireteam Crimson, etc.

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While KZ:SF was a graphically impressive game, lets be honest here, it was fairly mediocre. A very by the books FPS with gorgeous graphics. Scalebound is made by one of the keymakers of Devil May Cry & the team behind Bayonetta. It's going to be great (gameplay-wise).

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I have both systems, but the X1 OS is just so slow. It reminds of the PS3 XMB to be honest, super slow and it makes it hard to use.

The New OS should be much faster, hopefully.

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You never know, with Nomura directing we might get a KH/Original Versus 13 type combat system.

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Geez. Smartassess here bash every system. When will people learn fanboys are the same? The only difference is what system they root for. Idiots are idiots. Grow up.

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Dust eventually collects, and cleaning the dust leads to scratches, which looks terrible. Happened to me and I used a microfiber cloth.

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Lol, it's obvious you don't play Halo. The backlash 343i received after Halo 4 was insane. Keep trolling.

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I just wish they would've addressed this earlier. This whole downgrade talk has been talked about for awhile now.

Still, better late than never and I am glad that CDPR IS talking about issues like this & addressing it. Hopefully in the future a situation like this doesn't occur again.

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Tons of free DLC (16 pieces).

Two proper (paid) full expansions with plenty of play time. One contains a complete new area I believe.

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Where is the downgrade? So, now the E3 2013 trailer is not gameplay? Maybe I missed the memo, and if I did please provide a link. I CAN provide you a link to the E3 2013 demo. And I quote, "For the first time to the public, actual gameplay footage of the Wild Hunt."

Watch for yourself, around 1:20.

This is not a change in "sty...

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I believe Fries1223 made a dumb comment, but I also want to point out that a representative of CDPR did come out and say something along the lines of there has been no downgrade.

And even though Witcher 3 still looks great on all platforms, there has been a downgrade.

People can say whatever they want, but at the end of the day the graphics of the game were downgraded, plain and simple. If this was some other company, N4G would chew them out. And the company...

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You think Sony is in trouble because sales were less?

Microsoft's X1 was priced at $499 last year.

This year you could buy it as low as $329.

Last year PS4 was priced at $399.

This year it was priced at $399. Off of each console they make a profit. PS4 is doing fine, relax. When they need to, they'll drop the price.

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Cboat has been banned before for being wrong. This isn't his first time.

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