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Yea and which console doesnt have "surprises"?

Fact is, there is NO REASON whatsoever for consumers to purchase a 360 over a PS3 as the PS3 offers more in terms of value, functionality and games.

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"It's not like the story is meant to be taken seriously. Take one look at protagonists Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago, with their impossibly bulging biceps and redwood-tree-thick physiques, and you realize that these guys are designed to appeal to the sci-fi set and the jock set, not pull at our heartstrings."

>> Thats why reviews are meaningless nowadays people. Reviewers are stupid xbots. And highly dubious. If a PS3 game has a weak story, it will be bombarded ...

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Im not surprised that they deliberately added 1 point to a 3rd60 game.

They have been doing that for years now.
Even in Bonusrounds you can see how the editor of gametrailers said Gays at war 2 was his choice for best game.

They are stinkin xbots. When MS kills 3rd60, I cant wait to shove it in your damned faces.

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Dont matter. LBP 9.7 average.
Greys at war 1.1 - already down to 9.3

Greys at war is the same old same old 5v5 boring combat. R2 is packed with goodies and 60 player online.

You have been outmatched. The reality is really that simple.

LBP, next gen gaming 2.0.
R2, 60 player online, 8 player coop with different story mode.

Thats PS3. Thats living. 360 is nothing but same old same old. And you idiots think 360 is actually...

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Banja suckooie is a massively subpar game with high flop rating.

Its a destined flop. The demo sucked fking ass. The game equally sucks donkey balls.

Sorry byt the score is rigged.
9 out of 20 is more like it.

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There is no way in hell this average game is even remotely close to triple As like LBP and others.

Rigged score.

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Its not even an article. Its a blog, really. Just one fools opinion.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the blogger was talking about last weeks sales, something which was posted 3 times already on N4G.

"The latest weekly sales figures to come out of Japan, those for the week ending October 26th, show that the PSP is massively out in front, selling over 60,000 units in the space of a week."

Week ending October 26th, oh ok. AKA LAST WEEKS NEWS. ...

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And that is a fact.

You are a piece of shiat. And trolled endlessly when multiplatform games looked slighty worse on PS3 (even though no one gives a fk).

Now the roles have reversed. The tables have turned. DMC4, GTA4, Dead Space, now mirrors edge.

And now you and the other biatchbots are in damage control mode.

Well, well, well. This just means we are going to slap this in your face even more. Hahaha.

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But day one purchase for sizzle.

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The true next gen game, aka gaming 2.0, has arrived.

Even Yahoo is a believer now.

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Make no mistake though, these people still highly biased towards 360 and will therefore always rate 360 games higher.

Also, an organisation have multiple people working. Maybe one of them is not blind to what the PS3 has to offer. But the other 9? Those are still hardcore fanboys.

Remember what they said about the biggest next gen RPG, Whiteknightstory?

But in the end, I, no, WE know better. PS3 rules.

2008 is just the beginning. Just the b...

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Hardly AAA.

And of course, since its filled with glitches and bugs and gameplay ruining glitches, minus 1 point.

So thats 7 out of 10.

Article should have lowered it to 7.

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5-8 minutes on 360?

Wait, hold on yer horses there BOY, since when is this game on the 360 again?


So get the fk out.

And for your information, 360 doesnt install the whole game. The 5-8 minutes reduces LOADING times up to 15-25%.

The only differ...

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Hahaha they must be seriously impressed with the game if even the bots couldnt find any points to deduct.

Im not surprised. R2 is SICK and shooter of the year. It has no competition this year. COD WaW will be second. Gays at war will finish behind SOCOM.

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Dude, are you kidding me. COD world at war plays the same like COD4.

Youre saying mediocre left4dead is better than COD4?


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As it stands right now. Anything thats being offered as digital download or streaming from any company (not just MS or Sony) is in its infancy and its not even near or close to Blu Ray by a longshot.

So all this talk about DD download crap, is BS from the 360 camp. From the looks of how slow its building up, dont expect to see any professional and reliable service for the next 7 years at least.

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The game is almost worth it just for the extra zombie mode alone. That mode > Left4dead.

You get everything Left4dead gives you and with more. Building a fortress while fighting off zombies? COUNT ME IN!

Its a solid shooter. But because its not made by Infinity Ward and Treyarch has a lesser record plus its WW2 again, people dont like the game.

Oh yea, also because it has competition this time around. R2 will have no equal this Xmas. Sorry but hot dam...

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You can barely save games on your arcades. Let alone DL extra content, patches, updates for glitches and bugs, or play other ARCADE games on it.

Sorry but its absolutely worthless.

Elite is the only SKU comparable to PS3 and even then its a longshot. Elite is not cheaper than the PS3 just because they wanted to hand you a deal, you know. You get what you pay for. The functions are less, its bare bones and you dont get the next gen format Blu Ray.

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Because they pretty much out of money and the main MS division is telling them to fk off and not getting anymore pennies until they make profit (about fking time).

In fact, MS 360 division has had to pull up every rock to get some pennies to finance the latest pricedrop, they had to squeeze so tight, they pretty much disbanded Ensembles Studios.

Meanwhile I giggle everytime some fanboy speaks about the many billions MS makes. As if that money goes to the MS gaming di...

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The 3rd60 has no games on it that are exclusive and there is absolutely no reason to purchase a 3rd60 with its inferior line up, dead future prospects, faulty smoking hardware, its pathetic format and its pathetic add ons, all of which break even more frequent and leads me to believe that they have less future prospects than the HD DVD add on.

MS has fked you up the ass, xbot. You are loving it from the looks of it.

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