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I treat my Ex-Girlfriend like my best friend lmao.
So you mean Sony should be the best friends with Square Enix?
Hrm, nah i know what u mean, and u are totally right, if i would be Sony, i would say,

"Hey, thanks for FF13 and FFV13 and! FFA13.. but sorry, we dont need you anymore, traitors. And we thought u were cool. U are not cool Square Enix.. u were...
Nah, just shut up, dont look at me like that Square Enix, no no no, u totally overdid it this time, j...

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Wasnt that the Studio which got closed? I mean the studio that was working on Elveon?
I read something about that the Studio got forced to sale.

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:] Thank you really.

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Gears Of War is win. It deserves the Hype, like Marionz said.

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Theres no reason to ask why Gears Of War is hyped.
Its not a game like Halo, Gears Of War is hyped because its f*cking good.
Gears of War ftw.

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Thats how i can describe a... X... ah nevermind it!
I laughed!

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Alan Wake looked bad in 2006, why does it got hyped that much? Lol.
Nyah maybe im just blinded by the great graphics of some games atm...
Like Star Ocean 4, Gears Of War 2, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Fable 2... Etc! Oh god those [2] Titles are annoying.

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looks superb. bubbles to you two!

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Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy was way better when u think about story and mechanics.

Max Payne had a good story, nice gameplay... but was straight forward.

U cant compare them.

But you can compare Alan Wake and Heavy Rain.
If Alan Wake is going to be a multiple choice game, its going to be interesting... if not, it doesnt even stand a Ghost of a chance to Heavy Rain.
Nyah, i bet Alan Wake is going to be a Thirdperson Shooter with Detective Stuff...

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Yay you are getting a PS3! Nice!
Bubbles for you!

----------------------------- -----------

Now seriously, at this garbage Rumour,
im the only one with open eyes? I mean... Just think about it...
What do you hear from Japanese Gamers when a game like Dragon Quest is going to be released? Yeah, they are invading the Videogame Stores like something youve never seen in your life.
So, what would a Japanese FF13 Lover ( The Most Gamers are FF Lover ov...

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Respect that game people.
Its awesome. Jeez, f*ck those bad Reviews, they cant understand real RPGs. B/

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The White Knight will stamp them down with his Giant Boot of Awesomeness.

Still.. i like Infinite Undiscovery, Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey.. q_q

BUT ! White Knight Story is going to be bigger than Star Ocean 4 could be.
Uhh i said it... @_@

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You did it twice, i should kill you and rape your corpse. :O
Just kidding... We gonna hang you. :)

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We got Resistance 2.

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Looks interesting.

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Seriously he didnt played 2 and 3? LOL.

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When i call my Daughter (dont have one.) Maddie will i get sued because i used her for promote something? @@;
Jeez Paranoia All Over The Place

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:D Hehe, now i got a Webcam.

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