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It's not like they increased 350% over the competition, did anyone even bother to read the article? They just went from unplayable very low FPS to normal FPS.
Before the update the average FPS on the AMD HD7970 was 13 comparade to Nvidia's gtx 770 41 fps average. Now with the new drivers the HD7970 average is at 45 FPS. It's not that hard to see that the previous drivers were "broken"

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Thats bullshit. Heres the server browser with vanilla maps only and 48+ players server. http://tinyurl.com/bf3serve...

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Gamespot translated it wrong. Its not the "next" game, its a "future chapter" in the series.

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Nier =)

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I love when i see Nier on those lists =)

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I dont think its Nemesis, a couple frames after that scene u can see a soldier that appears to be hung on the ceiling and if you look at the "nemesis" scene you can see how its feet are not touching the floor so, yeah its the same soldier.

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More content than the Collector's Edition i paid 70€ for... great :/

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"Increases performance in Battlefield 3 by up to 38 per cent - performance measured vs. GeForce 285.27 driver on GeForce GTX 570 at 2650x1600 (DX11)"

Well if u read the article you'd know...

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Bumblebeeee!!!! I hope we get transforming camaros... lol

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I'm glad Vindictus is finally coming to Europe.

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Even though i am a big fan of Nier i can totally see why some ppl wouldn't want to play it. Its nothing technically impressive (except for the amazing voice acting and soundtrack) but still it was an awesome and immersive experience. Just as an example of its great storytelling, on the new game+ the game gives you a new perspective on your actions, like knowing why is a boss attacking you or even that it wasnt actually attacking you, [Spoiler] it was begging you not to attack its cubs... ...

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now i'm sad... at least it came with MOH Frontline :)

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Mmm last time it was Starhawk... i hope its somethign good this time.

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I know how you feel, here in Portugal is the same thing, i get games from the UK 40% cheaper lol.

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Just got 30 more days for free on my US account... its not available on europe though :/

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Jost got to 26 =)

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Same here... got to the character customization than got kicked... now this >.<

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Funny indeed, he talks like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero never happened.

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"Update: One of our commenters has pointed out that the box art re-uses assets from the Devil May Cry 5th Anniversary Collection package for the PlayStation 2. In fact, it’s a mock-up created by Games Radar, so it’s definitely a fake. As for the HD Collection listing itself…only time will tell."

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Blasphemy! Terra's Theme alone beat all the other intros :p

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