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FF8 is easily the worst PS1 FF, and is considered by MANY fans to be disappointing. The game is dry, slow, and boring. I put my time into the game, I hated it.

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Garbage, this is not for North American consumers.

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I want a beta key so baaaaad :D

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I loved the first game, and I'm stoked for the 2nd game. I didn't get into the Diablo 3 Beta, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Torchlight 2!

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I hate that Nintendo does it too

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I'm so tired of Sony releasing stuff first for the smallest market globally, Japan. This is why I buy 3rd party games for xbox, even though I own a 60gb ps3.I can't stand supporting a company that makes its consumers wait because special treatment has to be give to their island's people. Maybe they need to be hacked again to show fucking with customers is bad for business.

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This article is kind of funny, mostly because it still assuming that Square-Enix is still the top dog of RPGs. Sadly for them, and the fans, they aren't on top, and haven't been since They released FF10 years ago. Sorry SE, you lost me years ago.

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more importantly, why is N4G allowing non english articles to be posted? No, I don't want to read google's translated version. English or gtfo and make your own non-English news hub.


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You guys should all try VUZE. It's a free application that downloads torrents and also streams and converts media. I use it on both my PS3 and XBOX 360. It converts media for my iPod too. It's pretty much one click and I'm done.

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Can this guy sound more ghetto? Maybe he acts as a translator for dumb ghetto folk who are too dumb to know what's up in the gaming industry. Either way, I feel retarded for listening to this man speak.

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Why do people feel the need to place the United Kingdom flag for English listings?

What about USA and Canada? We have a population base that's incredibly larger, yet for some reason the london blokes get the attention.

One of my pet peeves.

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Makes me want an iPhone.

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Buying this game day 1. This is going to be a reason to own a 360, and drive tons of diablo style fans to purchase Too Human. EPIC!

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They say that you can't go back to running DS games after installing linux. Maybe I'm wrong, but perhaps Flashme could be installed to offset linux? Just a thought I had, and don't play to test lol.

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pathetic list.

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I just don't get why Sony releases these pointless updates.

#1 you can already use google search by simply going to This means they added a shortcut to cut out 30 seconds of

#2 video control? honestly who gives a crap? Give us divx support!

Sony once said that they will stop doing small updates, and instead release BIG updates only a few times a year. Seems they aren't holding true to promises.

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This game is going to be so cool, I'm buying it day one. I'm also wondering if there will be a PC version (not sure if there is or not). This style of game would be so fun to play on PC, like Diablo 2 =)

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UMD Shinra case (USA) Vs. Limited Edition CC:FF PSP (PAL). I frickin' hate and love SE at the same time.

Perhaps I'll import, or find a rare Japanese PSP on Ebay.

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I'll laugh if this gets hacked and is able to play pirated ROMs. Look at the max media dock, a simple DLDI patch and voila! I'm excited for this release :)

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Nintendo feels that Japan deserves the best games first. I disagree, so my alternative is to pirate. I am tired of Nintendo deciding what I want to play on the VC, and will now take it into my own hands. F*** You Nintendo!

EDIT: Can pirate on many different platforms, but now the Twilight Hack is what makes the Wii the best system to do it on :D

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