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One of the best fighting games ever created........

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Ugh the memories, the scene where she rises from the table still freaks me out to this day. Her high voice made it even more disturbing.

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Really excited for this new title from Remedy. The breathing gun reminds me so much of the "flesh pistol" used in Videodrome.

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I'm not feeling the new costumes for Doctrine Dark and Hayate but the gameplay looks great. I can see Allen being the fan favourite of this game.

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I do agree that Siege did a great move in shelling out content compared to most AAA games in the same sphere and its even better that they decided to actually invest in the troublesome launch to get rid of most of the issues at it's early phase. My biggest issues with the title is that it has one of the worst reward systems I've ever played in a game due to:

- paltry amounts of renown earned per match standing aside with steep prices for both operators and skins ...

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I keep forgetting that 99.9% of gun crimes in America were done by weapons purchased legally...................

......Oh wait.

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I feel that AAA gaming has pushed marketing to its limits more than actual gameplay. Also as much graphics have been raised, art direction is as bland as ever with only a few companies utilizing the technology to carve out something truly memorable especially in the multiplayer field. Destiny had a great opportunity to be one of the most memorable multiplayer games ever created after seeing its concept art and hearing the ideas that was on the horizon. However due to greed, here we are.

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Very good ideas especially Dunkirk. This could open the doors to have cameos from Medal Of Honor characters such as Manon Batiste and James Patterson to serve as a treat for long time EA fans.

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Still playing it to this day. It felt nice playing a great game that had no hoops to jump through or worry about.

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- Fantasy does not equal fun all of the time.
- Trailer barely resembled a WWII albeit the vehicles and weaponry.
- Females were never the main problem, Battlefield 1's expansions actually had female snipers in multiplayer dressed in military garb and a female protagonist in one of their War Stories with no one making a stink at all.
- As mentioned before, having Trevor Noah doing a presentation showed their DICE's political stance on matters which was a bad...

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Soon as I heard that Trevor Noah was connected to the game's presentation, I knew the imminent fallout........

Regardless I found Taro's response pretty funny.

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I'd be surprised if its live services rivals Monster Hunter World's..........

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I really hate this "fun over realism" narrative that DICE is trying to pull. Realism is just as fun as fantasy depending on the eyes of the beholder with Gran Turismo being a great example. Adding women to the frontlines doesn't make a game more fun ( and it doesn't detract from the fun factor as well). The problem is that they are trying to make money while pushing an agenda which was made apparent when they added Trevor Noah at the helm of the presentation.

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Of course FPSes should still have a single player campaign (not all of them mind you but at least a significant portion). Haven't every one forgot Barlog's words just a few weeks ago that both options should exist in an "ebb and flow" relationship instead of overshadowing each other?

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Its free...................

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It would have been nice to see Konami resurge development of the Playstation exclusive Coded Arms: Assault to kick things off due to no fear of having to live up to big expectations. But thats assuming that they give a damn anymore honestly.......

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It just needs a bit of a break, now would be a good time for a new Capcom vs SNK........

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Canon ruined!!!!!!!

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When I said multiple copies I meant transferring games bought on PSN from Playstation 3 to Playstation 4. There's really no excuse to have to buy the same exact digital game twice on a different platform using the same network............

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For once, I agree with you.

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