its k y l not kyl :D


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yes i agree

nothing more interesting than 10 hours of cutscenes with 70% of them starting with "the nanomachines..."


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This is such BS, devs didn't go to the xbox to stop sony, they did it because

1. The xbox was out a year earlier
2. It was much easier to develop for

To be honest.

3rd party games in general are better.

Take a look at the MGS series. 1-3 are all multiplats and they are better than most games out today.

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That's ridiculous. This isn't about LA Noire.

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This list is 1/2 right, 1/2 absolute fail.

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Uncharted is just a TPS.

Resi 4 too, is just a TPS.

Having a climbing element or an inventory doesn't change it's genre.

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Why would I buy the GOTY version when I own vanilla already? As I said, to get it on PS3 you needed the GOTY.

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I never played it, wasn't worth buying GOTY on PS3.

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Personally I hated the game.

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I disagree, I would say that the PS1/PS2 gens were much better. I don't have a single game that blew me away on consoles this gen unlike back in the PS1/PS2 days where games like XIII and MGS3 utterly engrossed me. I beat MGS3 about 12-15 times and have beat UC1 3 times and MGS4 about, say... 5-6 times which isn't a lot when you can beat MGS4 in 5 hours or less.

This isn't about nostalgia. This gen is also host to devs getting lazier due to the fact games can be p...

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Scoring games works fine in theory but people do it wrong.

If a game doesn't get 9.5 or above people are up in arms and say the site is looking for hits and this affects the way te site reviews as they are under that pressure even though 7 and above is good.

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Give me my bubble back then I'll support you, the moderation of this site is a complete joke. I lose a bubble due to not getting annoyed at 8GB of storge for project cafe but idiots who swear in the first comment of front page articles never lose any.

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There is nothing wrong with buying used games, when buy one I'm not thinking "oh will my favourite dev get any cash out of this?", I'm thinking "How cheap can I get this game?"

It's a fact of life, they make plenty of money as it is. Piracy and used games don't hurt as much as they want us to believe.

Do you not notice why the only devs to close are usually ones that make bad games?

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Oh noes, the 0.01% who use a FAT drive will be up in arms.

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Ignore whiners who say anything below 9.5 is a bad game and they just want hits.

Also ignore those who feel a score should be influenced by other games ie this is better than that so it gets a higher score

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"GT5 isn't even in the same league as this – if DiRT 3 is the digital incarnation of the real-life X Games, GT5 is the 20p-a-go kiddy cart ring over by the hotdog stand. "

That's pretty impressive, all the sites are giving this game great reviews. :D

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yes, weird scale

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Get her hammered.

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Wow it's Fox, and they didn't blow it out of proportion.

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bleh minecraft... Terraria is where it's at.

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Surely it isn't right when their most avid customers stand to gain the least out of all PSN users?

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