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This is good Kojima experimented and made the world in part 1 and now he can work on story and gameplay in the sequel

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You do know how Gamepass works? Someone predicts MLB would sell million worth on Xbox. MS agrees to pay say 600k of guaranteed money for it to be on gamepass and takes away the sells risk. So Sony and SD studios get paid, MS gets subs from baseball fans on Xbox and Sony still gets sales from the game on their platform.

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Just not needed with today's landscape

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Like Starfield

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And i'll be playing newer 2022 holiday games.

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My issue is that the game felt like a prequel/demo to the real game. I mean JUST as the main bad guys came out and the story took a nice turn the game ended, I was like WTH. If it picks up from there I think a sequel would be great.

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Ryse looked good also when it launched haha.

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Its been $10 twice. At Best Buy last month and now $10 at Target. I would nab it for that price, put it away and wait for next gen update

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I am against hurting the sales of game devs because these are people who spend years working this product. That said I don't see Switch emulation on PC affecting their sales. If you own a Switch and want this game you will buy it. If you don't own a Switch and have a PC you arent not gonna buy a Switch (a handheld) because you can emulate this in PC. And lastly this game isn't sold on PC.

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Ignore jambola. Anyone who has played MGS in the last 10 years can tell you it has not aged well. MGS is my favorite game but as you said so many of its mechanics were improved on due them just being frustrating in a stealth game. Like GTA3 I respect MGS going from a 2D world to a 3D one but it also shows the gave devs had a lot to learn still.

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Damn nice, I played for like 2 hours and it was just to much for me, never got sucked into it.

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This is why I was okay with no firm release dates from the Playstation showcase. They get bit hard with all the delays when you give a release date so early it puts you in a bad spot.

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Sony doesn't try any trickery like MS. It stated the Wolverine one was a not real time and a CGI makeup and the Spiderman 2 was real time. If it was gameplay (Spiderman wasn't, GOW2 was) they say also includes some gameplay

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Ok Boomer!

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Solid show but makes me wonder about other rumored games. Such as what Naughty Dog is working on and the MGS remake

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This os a single player rpg. Who cares of someone wants to pay to cheese the game that is up to them

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It really adds to the game world. Check out Watch Dogs Legion with Ray tracing in and off. It is night and day with what it adds.

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Sounds like someone who hasn't tried haptic feedback

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Doesn't seem bad to me. I never bought a PS3 gane with the expectation of playing a better version on PS4. How many people got GTAV on PS3 and then again on PS4

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