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Nah. Gameplay first story second. Theres a reason why old nintendo games like super mario and metroid will always remain timeless classics while story centred games need sequels so they dont fade out over time. Naughty dogs games can oscar bait all they like, their games will never reach an atom of nintendos legacy. Enough said.

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For some reason, the article isnt opening. Anyway, i would say dark souls is the pinnacle of difficulty design in games. But it is in no way, shape or form, the pinnacle of game difficulty. The amount of games, both modern and classic, that are harder than the souls series is staggering.

Alas, the influence this series had and still has on game creators and developers, fans and the industry alike speaks for its self really. Because they know the challenge is only one of ma...

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Yes u r. Dont bs yourself.

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Youve been wrong by those numbers though. Your anecdotal observation wont really make the switch any less massively successful.

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Pffft bwahaha skyrim! Last i heard games like the ones u mentioned have trouble traversing a rock on the road. Sure u can "climb" a mountain in those games, if you can call it that. but it aint real climbing. Having every single texture in the whole damn game travesable, and designing a world thats ACTUALLY made for exploration (120 shrines and 900 korok seeds, each with its own littlr puzzle or quirk) not just following map markers and bloodtrails, that is a feat those open world g...

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Pretty sure its been shown time and time again, that a long developement cycle doesnt enhance the quality of the game after 4 years have past. It just shows how messy and indicisive the company and devs are. Ff15 didnt "feel" rushed, because it wasnt. 11 years is in no way, shape or form or under any circumstance, rushed. It is just a bad result from, again, a messy and indicisive company. Because they can afford to be.

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Injustice embarrasses tekken with content...and well...thought.

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A good and telented metroid game would destroy both imo. But we havent seen one of those in a decade so. Yaaah...fuk nintendo.

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What a desperate click bait article. It probably isnt coming 2017 and i can smell your journalistic BS from mars. U dont even know if its coming this decade let alone this year. Grow up and Piss off kid.

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You probably gunned the living hell out of it without stopping to look at the environmental detail. That game had more thoughtful art and environment design to it, it makes resi 4's world look like it was designed by a toddler with legos. Not even talking about graphics here, 4 was just empty and barren. Just a boring game to trek through. Every single detail and position of everything u see in 7 had thought put in to it, unlike the 2nd trilogy.

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AspiringProGenji "pss lol Swamps, canyons, forests, rain forest, green plains" . witcher or TES only has trees and swamps, which isnt a fraction of zeldas environment variety. Not to mention these swamps, canyons etc are filled with more thought than those games, easily actually. U kinda shot ur self in the foot there. Its been done before? And? Better than recycling trees and swamps for 3 games straight COUGH*allofwitcherandelderscro lls*cough!!

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Darkfist_Flames go back to only trees and fields in the witcher or skyrim, where the only thing to do while exploring for missions is riding or following a marker basically. Ill stick to a world that was actually built from the ground up for exploring.

I dare you to remember 10 visual pictures or structures from those games (you wont, cuz ur brain will flood with trees, snowy peaks and sunsets, thats it), on the other hand, i could imagine 100 memorable locations from BOTW, and...

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When its done right, yes. Resi evil 7 and prey attest to that. Not the cheap and low effort run&nogun games like outlast and amnesia and the crappy clones its "genre" created.

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Look at all the insecure comments raving at his preferences. Its ok for someone not to like a sony exclusive you silly gooses. i for one loved the game but i dont have a need to belittle the people who dont. Maybe you should go back to middle school and reread some basics in life.

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The day piracy dies is the day the internet dies, which is never. Denuvo will die off eventually. Devs associated with it get a bad rep, and ppl voice their love for devs that dont use it, so it will be pushed out at some point. Especially since denuvo games are getting cracked faster and faster than ever before.

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Theres no war. Just fanboy insecurity. So basically these companies bank on the gullible.

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