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after reserching saints row 3 ill prolly pass since there taking the gangsta out of it was main reason i played it to run my own gang

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i liked saints row better then gt4 aswell the way you can pimp out cars and your gang was cool it has its flaws but i still liked it better

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thats to funny rofl!

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ya me too e.a is so greedy i figured they buy all the rights to every sports games im praying when this nfl deal ends. the nfl will not renew with just one company. im so sick of madden! its crap they need muti football games not just one, as for me i can say i have boycotted madden i love my nfl as much as next guy i'm not giving e.a my 60 bucks for anymore maddens

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dude infamous idea was great for me i loved the idea of having lighting powers wasn't just shooting thunder bolts they mixed the lighting powers up from grenades to bringing down a thunder storm you ever dreamed of being a super hero this game did it for me a normal guy get hit my a prototype thing aka the ray sphere and becomes a man induced with lighting powers for me was like being raiden from mk with better powers and climbing ability

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heavenly sword yes the end of that game was insane idk how they kept that screen from tearing all to hell with all them people on the screen at once was insane been waiting for them to make a part 2 lair was good after the control patch they did witch most people dont know about but its dirst cheap now got for 7 dollars and was one best deals i got good story control sucked till i found a patch

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i was thinking same thing why are they comparing this to fall out 3 and not fallout new vagas this is just stupid idk how got approved mise well compare it to pit fall of the 80's like you said lol

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the only isue with mgs4 is they need to add in some kinda trophy patch make it worth playing thu again other then that one of the best games i ever played

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Alot good games listed on here few I didn't know about but now I do got dark sector for 8 bucks at game xchange lol was really alsome I have learned not to pay attention to game reviewers they nick pick games to death just enjoy all I can say bought alot games over last several months dirt cheap and enjoyed them all even ones that scored under 7's lol conan got like 4-6 on most sites but it's really fun so was 50 cents game non stop action

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just WOW!!! talk about greedy man i guess i need a new shooter to play think im try out socom 4 looks pretty sweet since zipper produced this one should be desent

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idk what yall been playing i have nba live10 and nba 2k10 and 2k 10 plays and looks better hands down 2k10 is better looking yall playing something looks better let me know

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all retail rental stores are headed for a down fall just like bb is doing cause of netflex and redboxs every where why pay 5bucks for new releses or w/e they are now when can pay 8.95 for unlimited release at netflex and 1 dollar at redboxes theere jsut killing off retail stores soon wont be no retail store be all online in time sept for them redboxes dont think there going anywhere when u get a dvd for a dollar

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some games not on the list desent games but i usly wait for a wile to buy games inless its really important games to me since jan of this year i been hitting ebay amazon bargin bins i spend on averge 5-20 tops and i got some great deals and over 150 games now lol just picked up conan for like 6 bucks had horrible ratings on most sites but i really like it maybe cause i dont nick pick games to death and just injoy them

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i love my ps3 i still have my ps3 from september of 07 the first price drop from 599 to 499 and hasnt messed up once and the combo deal for 399 for the move controller a game and a eye is a hell of a deal i so cant wait to play soccom 4 with the move controller

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man i cant wait for infamous 2 the first infamous i really enjoyed alot going thu as the good guy. then starting over going thu as the evil guy. i hope they offer the same in infamous 2! as far as the over haul of his looks im sure that will be palyed out some how

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dude 2k5 still owns madden to this day i down load new rosters and frachise mods cause its way better then crapmadden ea didnt want ot get blown away by 2k football games so they bought up the nfl rights witch stops all companys from making a football game and that totally sucks for the costomer

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tecmo bowl throwback finally a month later than xbox 360 got theres im so hyped to play some old school tecmo bowl and for 9.99 not bad deal

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any one have any idea when tecmo bowl throwback is comming to psn its killing me waiting xbox got theres on april 28th

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i only thu first chapter in gow 3 and its really fun and looks great when reading thu my book that came with the game there was a boss that got cut from the game in the end of the game, near end of develament hope they add a downloadable content to bring him in some how looks really cool but still the game rocks so far. hes in the book that came with the collectors adtion

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i wanted to see a picture of pandora's box lol

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