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I'm not sure what's up with the disagrees but i agree, i've been waiting for battlefield 3 details for a while

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but they say this every year, cmon just let things pan out on their own. stop hyping the damn system

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really stupid. i want my 2.5 minutes back

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they say this every year

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instead of 5? or did i just forget how to count?

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i only had to see the source link, and suddenly did not care about the "news" if you can even call it that. hhg is such an annoying site, they have no basis for 99% of their stories and it is simply speculation/opinions looking to generate hits

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where's the creativity? i was looking for wackier costumes like in previous games

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must have missed that memo lol.

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and God of War 3 before that, cant wait

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is up there too right? mw2 will sell alot but i dont think it will be the best selling game ever, thats just the claim infinity ward made a while ago

EDIT: ^^nevermind, pokemon is definitely up there

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diablo was fun because it had awesome gameplay but also because it was awesome playing it cooperatively...they really should have released the mmo version first, by the time it comes out, diablo 3 will be out and sadly torchlight will probably be an afterthought

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a new exclusive!

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kudos to blizzard for a more original class, i cant wait until d3 comes out omg

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i feel like this weapon is really unoriginal compared to many of the weapons insomniac usually makes. i feel like i've seen razor blade weapons in previous ratchet and clanks as well as resistance. there were some much cooler entries!

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sure its a nice portfolio but good? no sorry

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its sony's 3rd party games last generation that dominated the xbox. regardless sony still has the best lineup even without those game , plus they have the incoming exclusives from the developers that got bought out from ms (sony=godfather, other developers apolgize for selling out by giving it new and exciting IP)

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gizmodo is the website, gizmondo is a POS handheld

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i dont think implementing it in "triple-a hardcore" games is the right move...ms is looking for the casual audience so they should just follow the wii trend minus the shovelware. some implementation in hardcore games is fine, but as previously stated, dont force it down their throats

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i was yawning at the fact that the real winners were the gamers...gimme a break, thats like the default response for these kind of stories

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haven't heard that before...

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