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You torrented the game because you are cheap. Stop trying to pretend it's an act of martyrdom.

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This article is such bs. Only on a PS dominated site would this get approved. I'd bet $1000 that if the title was reversed in favor of the Xbox it'd not be approved.
This site is moderated by 12 year Olds lol

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I actually enjoyed Black Flag. But yeah, you missed my point.

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I have yet to see a company release multiple quality titles a year. They'll just end up like Assassins Creed: Releasing buggy rehashed crap bi-annually.

I am comfortable waiting 4-5 years for amazing titles as there is enough variety in the industry to tide gamers over during the wait. Stick to what you're doing IMHO.

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Fact: Only a moron would complain that they got too much for their money.

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The insecure fan boys on this site are a joke lol

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It'd be great. But there is just too much money to make in the console niche. Many companies simply cannot afford to go PC exclusive. Look at CD projekt Red--they said Witcher 3 was too expensive to make if they just made it for PC.

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Calling it "Skyrim 2" is insulting to the series.

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I agree personally--graphically underwhelming. In fact I was taken aback by how minimalist the graphics are (The dog is a good example).

However these games are always awesome and that is what counts. I hope they have good PC support so I can kick up the visuals.

Still excited here!

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Obscure Internet gamesite gives an awesome game a poor score as click bait. Shocking.

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Wonderful games with a very detailed world. I look forward to a sequel.

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Lol because they're consoles. 60 fps will "matter" when one console can do it and the other cant--then the kids can go back to arguing. For now though, because neither the PS4 or Xbox One cant--"I don't care about 60fps"....sort of like how 1080p "didn't matter" until the new consoles finally were able to do it lol
The end story is--it'll be an awesome game. If it's the graphics that matter most to you then you wouldn't buy it on ...

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Looking forward to this game. I was unaware it had co-op...intriguing.

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Yet Steam's game population and users are growing exponentially every year....silly article.

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Laughable censorship, deadly everything, terrible there anything pleasant about Australia?

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Halo 5 (best engine yet in the series) will run at 60fps/1080p...I am sure they will be able to get Halo 2 (runs on the same engine Halo CE: Anniversary does) at the same rate. After all, Halo CE will.

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Old game redone on a console....better graphics? HUGE surprise!

Nothing changed here: PC is more powerful than any console.
Anyone who thinks otherwise is a simpleton.

Moving on.

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What are you talking about?

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Man, the term "blockbuster' sure is used liberally these days. Frankly, I thought no company blew anyone away. I also feel the best games coming are all multiplatform anyways.

I also feel the biggest news (for me) was that GTA V is coming to the PC and new consoles.

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