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epic trailer is epic, love CCP

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oh well, all dlc is OPTIONAL anyway, the first one with its dlc was really good, so if 2 lives up to the first i will most likely buy the dlc also

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mm...drm or cracked pirated version with no online bullshit?
i wonder who the developers think they are hurting...

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i own the ps3 e/c version, i cannot wait get this for the pc also, great game

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manhunt is epic, i would rather have that also

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cool...get that cash girl x

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*snickers at all the damage control*

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cool, i will continue play Path of exile until its release

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will CCP be the first developers to allow mouse & keyboard support on there fps?, and the game is looking great from what i seen at there conference, hopefully bf3,mag crowd and other gamers will jump all over this

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nice, cannot wait try it out, thanks for the heads up

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guys from titan quest have there new game coming, looks great, i wont be getting d3 there is nothing left of what made d2 great game for all them years

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the game is good an we are all enjoying it, sucks for you guys that did not like it but then resident evil died after 3, 4 was garbage, 5 was garbage, and 6 cod mission jumping about the place as different characters will be shit, all of them sold on the back of the true originals also, re:orc is closest some us will get to the originals 2-3s ever being in raccoon city again, while rest you keep playing the mutated virus, what next folks aliens that have been mutated, bullshit...

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i agree, the servers on daily bases are standard++ upwards on Europe, my RP realm is always standard upwards, they need to close some down put more of the community together, people are already to segregated because it is planet based MMO, they have a lot nice new changes coming though, legacy system, UI interface changer, cross skills family tree..i am enjoying my sith jugga though so far and the story, but i feel if they don't resolve the issues come end of the year it could either be f...

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hopefully they do pc demo... cannot wait for it get delivered though, loved the first one

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crazy ass bosses...check
colorful crazy ass levels with hot chick...check

looking forward to it... :)

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i actually cancelled a few orders because of this steam drm bullshit, borderlands 2 being one of them games i will just get by other means now, i will not have to activate via some bitch program to be allowed to play the game i buy, drm does nothing but punish legit gamers and stops nothing, sooner these developers get this into there faking brains and stop punishing legit gamers who do support them the better

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all this will do is hurt developers in the long run, gamers will decide were there cash will go first, then other franchises will have to suffer low sales until gamers decide if it is worth buying, maybe rentals sales will increase, and actual sales drop.. i hope it goes like this, developers and publishers have been screwing gamers for while, and this will be like karma coming back around at least in the console market...

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i enjoyed haze with bro on co-op, was solid fun game nothing more nothing less, just like now to many people listening to reviews sites rather than trying out games for them self's.. shame other good games that went under the radar was The Saboteur, Alpha protocol...great fun games, that a lot people passed over because of reviews

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