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Scorpio pro slim edition will be out by the time the PS5 drops lol. Just joking but it will be funny if Sony is a little late on the PS5 and Scorpio drops another console when PS5 drops.

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Hdr in general on a console will make the games lag no matter which tv you have.

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Same reason that Street Fighter needs to come to Xbox the more consoles a game is available on the more it will sale.

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How do you game more than 9ft from your tv? I sit like a foot away from my 50 inch lol.

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I'm in Mobile, Al in America and I'm complaining about not getting my full 130mb down and 30 up smh. it would be like hell with internet that slow.

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Ubisoft gonna come out with The Division every year like Assassins Creed lol!

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I don't understand why people like to play against the cpu ai that is terrible to me. I know I can beat the cpu lol.

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The Vita is dead cuz!!!

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That's what supremacy is lol

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Never can get enough of good old stability!!!

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I had a lot of frame rate issues myself on Ps4.

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Horizon is a single player and that whole trailer was in engine cgi and not actual gameplay. I'm more of a online co op multiplayer type of gamer I hate playing against the computer.

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Killzone has less than 150 people playing online at the moment while Cod has like 2-3 million per day playing lmfao.

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The crazy thing about that is that some multi platform games run better on the xbox1 at it's lower resolution than the ps4 at it's higher resolution.

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fps makes a big difference!

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Where is the Multiplayer and online co-op?

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About damn time! Welcome to next gen ps4!

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People have been screaming that phrase for 15 years buddy lol.

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Microsoft as a company is valued at 300 billion dollars so they can afford whatever they could buy Sony if they really wanted to hostile takeover!

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He Got Game!

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