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They're launching a new platform.

They made a deal with DeNA and are producing games for mobile platforms, something highly requested by investors. This move may not seem positive to hardcore gamers (even I don't like the idea), but it will probably be an extremely profitable venture in the future.

They're also expanding their brand and licensing out with companies like Universal and Disney.

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Yeah, he will be missed. I know this must be hard on the people who worked with him closely.

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Yeah, I was reading this news a few minutes ago and had a hard time believing it.

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I remember when people were claiming this game was going to flop because it was a Nintendo IP without Mario and "Nintendo fans only buy Mario games".

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I'd think that Microsoft's own website is the most aaccurate source out there.

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Yes., the official website, is showing that multiple parts of live are still down right now.

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Yeah, I can't even download games from the marketplace.

Just when I decided to finish that partial download I had for the Witcher 2 the month it became free on Games With Gold.

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I'm not really feeling this news.

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Alienware products are completely overpriced for what you get. You're basically paying for the size of the unit.

You can build something with a lot more power at a cheaper price.

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PS4 dominating as usual. Those sales are well earned.
3DS selling nearly 7x what the Vita is selling.

Neither of those are surprising.

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No voice chat? That's really lame.

It's not a deal breaker but it's definitely disappointing.

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I know the PS4 is dominating the WiiU. As someone who is currently enjoying a PS4, I'll be cheering for it right alongside you.

Best console this generation.

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3DS selling 6x what the Vita is selling.

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You have to look at it from Sony's perspective. Big AAA games cost money and the Vita isn't do so hot right now. There is a chance the game might not do well enough to make up for what's spent making it.

This is the reason they stopped making games like Uncharted, Killzone, and Tearwaway. I pretty much stopped expecting support from Sony.

They came out and admitted that smaller third party games and indies are pretty much all you'll see on the...

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On another note: I'm still waiting for Zero Suit Samus.

Come on, Nintendo.

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Happy to hear that.

The WiiU may not be doing so hot right now but at least Nintendo is making games for it and trying to sell it.

They could have done what Sony did what the Vita, just abandon ship and only make games for the hardware that does sell. But their souls be damned if they don't bring the ship back up or go down with it like a true captain.

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I'll skip this because I hate F2P games.

It's sad because I really loved Dragon's Dogma. Capcom had to ruin a good thing!

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Platinum had nothing to worry about. The cost of development and advertising were both paid by Nintendo.

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Nobody is saying they can't date or be a happy couple. People are just saying that him covering a company his girlfriend works for can affect the light he shows them in.

Anyways, the issue is pretty much resolved now. PC Gamer is deleting his Ubisoft articles and he is not allowed to cover them as long as he has personal connections to the company.

He is free to have a happy relationship and continue his job and the readers don't have to worry about w...

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It's just a 3DS with slightly better hardware and extra buttons built in.

It will do everything older models did.

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