We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing - George Bernard Shaw
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It will be 399 with elite controller included

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It's a typo. Should read "Why Scorpio is guaranteed to outsell the Ps4 pro"

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Why not?

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"Ps4: The platform of choice by pretentious art house hipsters everywhere."

Oh wait! Doesn't Ps4 have exclusive marketing rights for CoD and Destiny? All the dude bro's shifted from Xbox 360 to Ps4, along with their favorite genres.

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That's awesome. But at this point, using bullet club is giving more attention to wwe, as that's where most of the members are now employed

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Remaster? Seriously... Not a new game?

It will be a new IP, and MS exclusive

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When they realise how quick and easy Scorpio optimisations are, they'll change their tune

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On Scorpio, with vr, for 1 year? That's a pretty solid timed exclusive then.

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Remember when Microsoft considered giving the original Xbox away for free?

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Make sure you get one with fancy led lights.

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If it was upgradeable, why would they announce 6tf?

The generations comment was obviously alluding to software, over hardware...

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Totally forgot uncharted 4 released this year. Seems like it made a big impression at launch, but was it a lasting one? I'm seeing plenty of nominations, but no GOTY awards... Maybe if it released in 2015 it might have cleaned up, but 2016 was the year multiplats struck back

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It's funny that you put an exclamation at the end of your sentence... John Marston puts an exclamation at the end of every sentence!!!

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How can someone be a RDR2 fan when it doesn't exist yet?

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It's a video about 2016 gaming controversies... Why wouldn't NMS be included?

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AC Rouge sounds fancy

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