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That’s crazy. The last few years of Xbox 360 were very empty when it came to actual must have exclusives, and the excuse was Microsoft are getting ready for Xbox one launch. that whole generation they couldn’t deliver much and now this generation they haven’t been able to deliver much I mean say what you want about Don matrick at least he knew what it took to stay relevant and compete

Phil has been called the savior of Xbox brand yet value wise Xbox brand is a distant 3rd ...

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Could you also bring them to PC like some of the games which are missing for example, gears of war trilogy, fable among many other

I know this is a very unpopular opinion, but in my humble opinion, this is great for gaming gaming needs to be inclusive. Landscape has changed spending $250 million on a blockbuster game only to release it on one platform doesn’t make a lot of sense anymore.

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Exactly some of these publishers just refuse to accept what gaming sales data tell them even when their own products are selling so well

Live service bubble needs to burst and if will because of the level of greed by these companies

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So you mean to tell me if you make a great quality game that it will sell and doesn’t need it to be live service game with micro transactions

who knew

Someone should call up Warner Bros Gaming ceo


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Who cares is how all this started. The many many excuses. Please keep defending these greedy publishers and unfair tactics. We be gamers are the problem

Horse armor

$10 online passes if buying a used copy

Cheat codes gone and are replaced by micro transactions

Unlocking stuff by playing games behind micro transactions and XP boosters

It’s only cosmetic

No one is being force...

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RDR2 is way way worst because each and every looting animation is 3-5 seconds long, fast travel is simply broken, R* game design of go to this icon to start the mission and than ride your horse all the way back to do the mission before riding again to finish the mission

We all play games to have fun as a hobby. There should be options for gamers who want to play simulation gameplay and those who want a general game experience of being able to fast travel anywhere, auto amm...

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Stupid to assume what when developers have shared plenty of information regarding their games

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The level of greed is just beyond comprehension. We can’t even get simple next gen updates/better FPS without having to wait for a remaster or these features being sold to us. Console gamers especially. Atleast on PC you have mods. I am one of those gamers who started RDR2 but didn’t get far and I am planning to play soon but I would love it if they port over the original RDR. I played it on PS3 and would love a PC version

Gaming has become all about how we can squeez...

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Gaming industry has grown so much and so fast that way too many suits got involved who don’t understand the business. Unless a company is private geeed will be next level. It’s not longer about hobby and developers being gamers themselves

Now it’s about AAA games costing $200-$300 million. We went from a lot of mid size developers and publishers to now having AAA or indies

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Most games drop off big time after initial sales and it’s still #2. It would be interesting to see digital sales data because I think it will sell 70-80% of it on digital stores

I really do wonder if Sony are still eying square in the long run

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This is just the beginning and that’s great for us gamers who don’t associate ourselves with a plastic box and instead just want to play games

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Resistance 1-3 remastered with online

Kill zone 1-3 remastered with online

God of war PS3 games and PSP games collection

Infamous 1-2 with all dlc please we need this. It’s such an underrated franchise and so much potential. In this age of super hero media craze Sony should utilize infamous

White knight chronicles 1-2

Warhawk and starhawk

Motorstorm series


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Exactly EA are just pure evil. When they are beating Bank of America to be voted the worst company to work for that’s saying a lot

Good thing I don’t buy their games day one and wait for deep deep sale years after launch (the select few games I am actually interested in)

Gaming is making so much money yet the greed of these companies is never ending

CEO’s and people on board making millions yet cutting jobs to those who are actually ...

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Because it’s on ps5 too

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Can’t wait I own it on PS5 but will wait for PC release. This is awesome news also it means the sequel is close to be announced

2025 could be a huge year for gaming

DS 2

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They lost so many great experienced talented people over the past 5 years

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The cross-platform availability of Xbox games on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles marks a significant shift in the gaming landscape, fostering an environment of inclusivity and accessibility. Firstly, it expands the gaming community, bringing together players from different platforms, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity among gamers. This interconnectedness not only promotes healthy competition but also encourages collaboration and shared experiences across diverse gaming ecosystems. ...

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We went from PS1/2 era PlayStation to Sony becoming arrogant and losing their relationship with the fans during the early years of PS3

And here we are after huge success of PS4 and the market share Sony now controls to PS5 selling so well yet fans definitely aren’t happy/satisfied

Jack Trenton
Andrew house
Shu yoshida
Ken Kutaragi
Shawn layden

To the current executives who are totally out...

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I hope Nintendo don’t win this. Emulation is the only way for many older games no longer available. I am against piracy but not for games which have been delisted so if a publisher doesn’t want to sell their games at fair price than it’s better than handing scalpers prices on eBay

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That’s good because games selling on multiple platforms means more money for developers next games

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