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The interesting thing is that the PS4 sold 1 million in 24 hours, but only managed to sell 1.1 million world wide since over the next 13 days. While the XB1 sold 2m WW in the same amount of time with a $100 price difference.

What will also be interesting will be to see how they perform ones the holidays are over and the hype wears off. I can promise that the PS4 will sell at least one more, because I am still getting mine when I can find one.

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Let's use some existing N4G logic here, first off we know that the PS4 came out a week earlier. NPD also said that the XB1 was the fastest selling console in November averaging 101,000+ per day. So using the same head start logic that was used for the PS3 last gen, one could argue that if you added the seven days back to the XB1 based on it's average per day that it would have sold 1.6 million or so in November. Also using an additional piece of N4G logic, that happened even with t...

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@Abash, nice down play. Now, lets have a brief spin on the PS3 sells if you will.

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Kind of like paying for netflix, hbo, and other TV shows when TV is free. Like paying for satellite radio when radio if free. Funny how it's only a problem when it relates to the 360 and then it's only a problem for PS3 ironic.

BTW, glad to hear you're skipping the next XBOX, please keep your promise.

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Wow, I didn't know that. Wait, so when you get a free game to play while carrying a PS+ subscription, you lose that game when you let your subscription expire. If that's is true then that is hilarious consider how much these trolls that don't own Xboxes are trolling this article.

So funny.

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Don't agree with COD being on the list. All the others I did pass on.

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Doesn't make sense if you are still playing those games.

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It is a beautiful game, but it only last about 20-30 minutes before you've beaten it.

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Hmmm, the entire market was up today, did Sony's E3 briefing cause that also?

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Haha, not this is funny as hell!

It's also ironic how PS3 fanboys use to say that Kinect is the same thing as the PS-Eye, funny thing is that they obviously forgot to tell

Good stuff.

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Wow, what a concept. They need to make phones, tablets, PSN, and XBL socially connected. What is brilliant idea Sony and socially connected gaming device.

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You guys are just jealous. Good for Jessica, however she got in, she's in and will be forever immortalized in ME3.

I Love it!

@Morganfell (Below)

Even if she did influence one review, that's hardly going to impact the overall game one way or another. If IGN or G4 says it's a 10, there are hundreds of other reviewers that can right any wrongs.

You guys are grasping for straws, we are talking about a vide...

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Thanks Optical_Matrix! Bubbles

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@DigitalRaptor - Man please, you have a problem with connect because you perfectly fit the description that dark-hallow used above you to define a gamer.

Perhaps if you own a kinect you would better appreciate it. Stop trolling and try and finally finish Uncharted 1.

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I think diablo would fit nicely on the consoles. Walk around with the analog sticks, and there are plenty of buttons for spells and different attacks.

As a matter of fact I think from a controlling prospective, it may actually feel better on a console. I think some people can so caught up in tradition and how things have always been that the are not very open to the possibilities of doing things a different way.

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Arb, you probably missed a PSN exclusive, but you are right, the article is pointless. What would the numbers look like if they did 80 or above, or 85 or above. The fanboy that made the article tweaked it to read the way he wanted it to read.

Also I notice that PS3 fanboys suddenly think Metacritic scores are fine; where as in the past they claim metacritic is a joke. This is just another variation to their Vgchartz argument, good when convenient BS when it's not.

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So let me get this straight "FAGPIN" because you agree with it (no because you're a fanboy or anything.) that makes it true.

I have seen boatloads of BS agreed with on this site. Haha, you make it sound like there are a bunch of level headed objective people on this site and when the majority agrees it actually means something.

My mistake wasn't getting Kinect day 1, it was getting Move day 1.

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haha, I guess a pathetic article deserves a pathetic comment. Way to not disappoint FlashXIII.

Did you also the article?

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I prefer gears 3 over 2, but I still can't understand how they can nominate games that aren't even out yet.

Sounds like politics to me. Gears 3 should have definitely been nominated.

I think they also need to develop some criteria that reads something to the effect that the game has to have been out for at least 1 month in order to qualify. Or they need to do their GOTY show after the year is over.

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