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Not to mention drug use and its effects. That also gets the tick of approval.

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Ur point?

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He says youer and ourer because of his accent.. It's deliberate. Theres other deliberate spelling mistakes in there too.

I enjoyed the demo and Ill get it. I dont know why people dont like the battle system what were those disappointed actually expecting?

Imo its a great mix between turn based and real time. The fact you can move your character around during the battle makes it even better.

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Improves as you go on though. The castle looks bad but the latter dungeons look better.

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Game's been out in europe since nov 30 bro.. Im about 20% in.

Just my personal opinion. Some will love it however!

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Its a disgrace. How am i going to sleep at night knowing its dropped 2 points on metacritic.

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8/10 isnt a high score is it?

Imo the game is probably a 6/10.

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Will take alot to knock off halo 4. Awesome multiplayer.

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The demo wouldnt be indicative of the whole game. You really get attached to the characters and story. In essence, it plays just like all the other point and click games. I'd consider it more of an experience rather than a game.

The game's story imo is much better than the tv show.

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Already happens on xbox. Once dlc comes along, it completely drops from your list of "completed games". All you can do is laugh really.

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I finished it about half an hour ago and I couldnt agree more.

The choices dont necessarily have to alter the ending but they should be made to alter how the game and story plays as you play it (and this is what the walking dead did perfectly).

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Ive played p3p and FES is clearly better and more expansive. You clearly havent played FES! They removed the exploration elements (walking around school etc.), they removed the awesome cutscenes and you dont get the expansion which adds another 20-30 hours of gameplay!

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Get p3 FES instead on ps3. Its da better game.

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exiting are you serious? These games definitely should not be exiting the games industry. We need more of them i say.

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Looks incredible. The art style actually sorta reminds me of halo actually, obviously at a much higher level of course.

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I didnt like it too much. Was a little repepetive for my tastes but other people sure enjoy it.

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Cuz Boston isnt boring..

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SWAT is cool. Now get rid of complex lawl.

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I for one cannot wait for "Grand Thef Auto"

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I found it rather insightful and hopefully it can educate people on the hazards of wikipedia vandalism. I hope you're doing okay Geoff.

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