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The technology is good but it would make the price of a console to rise too much which is not a wise business decision.

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Your opinion is in the 0.0000001 minority.

The general opinion, facts and market data shows that GOW is a big master piece.

Swallow it slowly.

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Very impressive and well deserved. I am still playing God of War and is amazing how good this game is from combat to design to storytelling. It is a powerful master piece.

God of War has become the icon of single player games. In a time where single player games have been attacked by EA and Microsoft, Sony and Santa Monica have proven them so wrong.

GOW proved quality single player games are highly profitable. Some companies develop low quality single pl...

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82.2 Million PS4 Shipped by June 2018; Prediction by March 2019 Increased to 96 Million Units

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My PS4 is waiting for you Spider Man!

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Fantastic job. Sony had this generation lock down even before it started.

Remember all those 500+ articles posted here attacking Sony because of cross play and how they are evil and anti consumer?

One thing is what haters post on the internet and another thing is reality. This article show the reality about PS4 in the market. They are the leader and that of course will bring hare from the other camps.

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God of War is easily one of the best games of this generation. I was waiting for a good game but Santa Monica got me off guard with this master peace.

God of War just came in a good moment when companies like EA and Microsoft were discrediting single player games.

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Pretty amazing. Is a shame this franchise is in the hands of Nintendo which pay no respect AT ALL!

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I would like to hear Sony's side of the story.

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How "Microsoft is killing it" translate into real life? Is Microsoft closing in to Sony and Nintendo? Are they selling more consoles because of this?

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I am not sure if you are new to the gaming industry. Sony already have a service like this called PS Now and they bought a streaming service a few years ago. You act like this would affect Sony domination of the market.

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1. Microsoft is not listening to their fans. They are just reacting to their failures and looking for ways to survive their position in the market.

2. One of the best examples of a company listening to their fans is how Sony revived from hell the PS3, turned around its position making it surpass the Xbox 360.

3. Microsoft, despite all their efforts, could not managed to change Xbox one fate this generation.

4. If Microsoft is "lis...

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Just because it has been a creative failure for Xbox doesn't mean it is a failure for Playstation and Switch.

I have enjoyed amazing exclusives on Playstation, amazing creative experiences not found in any other platform.

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Single player games are my top reason to be a gamer. I can enjoy multi-player games too but Single player games are a different and more rich experience for me.

I am glad we have companies like Sony who truly believe in single player games and are giving us the best of the best.

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Or the PS5 with better exclusives games.

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Very good news. This means more games and support.

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God of War is an epic master piece in every way. After playing this game, you will feel empty because there is rarely any other games like this one around.

I really hope to see the next God of War at the launch of PS5.

In the meantime, I am glad there are games of this caliber coming.... The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding and some others.

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At this stage this is just pure assumption and a mind trip.

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