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I wish they would just do what they did for the psp. Great software and fair prices is what they need right now.

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Lol you seem a bit confused there sorane. But your right about this being my last bubble. Would be more than glad to help you sort whatever issues you have with me outside of this article where i wont be limited by an obsolete bubble system ;)

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Idk if being a new ip or not really matters in this case tho :/

Both games were not as good as they could have been

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What? Lol dont know what your talking about buddy. Must have the wrong guy

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Watch Dogs
The Order
Sunset overdrive
Dying light
Metal gear solid
Assassins creed
Smash bros

Theres plenty of games that are either out or coming soon and they arent remakes/remasters. There is definitely room for remakes/remasters espec...

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And this is why i will always buy playstation consoles. Great support

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You guys HAVE to tell us what you thought when you finish it lol. Im excited for you guys that havent played it yet

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Lol awesome memories with that game. Crushing people, throwing vehicles, bringing down entire buildings, etc. That game was ahead of its time in my opinion

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Lol keep crying buddy its awesome! Naughty Dog are the best of the best get over it :p

Its funny that the studio you call low tier has taken home around 1000 (if not more) game of the year awards among a shit ton of other awards.

Hmmmmmm, lets see guys who should we believe? This guy that seems to be stinking up the place with all that crap flying out of his mouth or..... hundreds of publications naming Naughty Dog games the best in t...

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Lmao so since 360 beat ps3 in the states that means microsoft won worldwide? It has been said before and i'll say it again

USA does not equal the world -_-

Oh and the ps3/360 gen is not over yet smart guy.

Aaaannnnddd yes the ps3 is currently ahead of the 360 WORLDWIDE. Google it

Btw, i find it funny as hell that you choose to end the gen in 2012 like your the one that decides that lmao! The Last of Us came out in 2013.....

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Pretty sure he was just messing around lol

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He.... was.... joking

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If price was the only thing helping the ps4 sell more than X1 i dont think the gap would be as large as it already is.... and its only growing actually.

"They for damn sure dont have the games"

They both dont right now. MS and Sony still havent really come out with that must have game for their respective systems. If anything, nintendo has been the most impressive software wise

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Agree :D

So many awesome characters. So many possibilities.

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Yeah but alot of the fans actually want the same characters. I say bring back joel and ellie for the sequel. I want a somewhat happy ending for them u know? After that, i wouldnt mind seeing other installments introducing new protagonist

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Are you crazy? Lol the gamecube controller is top 3 at the very least

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Story in racing games should be done more often. One racing game that did it well a few years back was Modnation Racers lol. Sure its a totally different kind of racing game but it was so refreshing :) Need for Speed underground had a bit of story too i think. Worked well

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Anyone who says your wrong doesnt know what they're talking about. Im a huge PS fan but so far nintendo is the one thats been stealing the show! Atleast in terms of software

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^^ Someone give this guy a raise lol :D

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