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[Insert yet another butthurt comment because they said "Dark Souls is for wimps."]

The sensitivity here is ridiculous. All over a harmless comment that was obviously said as a lighthearted means of hyping up this game by comparing it to a well-known franchise.

You are all taking this way too seriously...

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Accidental? What a load of bull****...

There's no excuse for what that man did. The simple fact that he was willing to choke his son over this is inexcusable enough. The fact that he let it go on to the point that the son died is even worse. Seriously, if it was that big of problem, then just cut the kid's funding or kick him out.

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I couldn't hold myself back from looking at the NeoGAF post.

I won't say what it is, were right. It truly is an awesomely mind-boggling power.

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Fair enough.

I'm just trying to be honest with myself here. If I had these kinds of powers, then this would more than likely be the path that I would take. I could never bring myself to a villain though; it's just not who I am nor is it something that I ever want to be.

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I would:
1) Enjoy my power. I wouldn't see my power as some kind of curse, instead I would see it as a blessing. I would have a blast.
2) I would end up being a vigilante. Not a villain, but not a squeaky clean hero either. I would be more than willing to overstep the legal boundaries and dispense my own brand of justice.

Basically, I'd be a Delsin-esque type of superhuman.

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I'm skeptical about 4. and 5.

4.: This one seems unlikely for the simple fact that I imagine that the civilian population, like they have been for all previous games, would have been evacuated. Therefore, it would seem out of place to tool around as Bruce Wayne in a fancy car.

5.: I doubt that they would have players actually go so far in-depth as to actually have to manage the financial properties and investments of the corporate juggernaut that is Wayne...

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I need new pants. My current pair seem to have suddenly acquired a large, smoking hole in the front of them....

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No counterpargument? Just an aloof dismissal?


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I'm not going to "get over it". My argument is founded in reason. An argument backed by developer comments and similarities in visuals, controls, mechanics, mystical elements, etc. Only an idiot would deny that there exist enough similarities to draw a comparison between the two games/franchises.

Your argument is not founded in reason. Your argument comes off as nothing more than the words of insolent jackass.

I never said that I would not be ge...

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Sure. Whatever you say, man...

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These comparisons are very justified. Even more so once you consider the fact that, around the time that Dishonored was new and making news, the Dishonored developers themselves came out and said they were heavily inspired by the Thief series.

It is neither a difficult nor unfair comparison.

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I had a lot of hope for this game, man.

In a world with many games wherein stealth is supposedly an option, but almost always turns out to be nothing more than a shallow, half-***ed mechanic that is often overlooked in favor of the typical "kill them all" agro approach; this game was supposed to be a beautiful return to a true stealth experience. It was supposed to be a smooth and engaging experience with an abundance of entry options and an interesting story.

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I like that it's in a foreign language. I don't want to know too much about the game too early. :)

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That is exactly what it is.

To have something look so life-like yet still look so lifeless, like it has no "soul". Hence the reason for the word "uncanny". Typically, you can really see this in the character model's eyes.

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I really need to get a gaming PC at some point...

Don't get me wrong, I will always be a console guy at heart, but so many times I feel like I'm missing out on some awesome content by not having an appropriate PC.

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The female designs are often my only complaint with these types of things. Everything else is beautiful, but the female designs are just so over-the-top that it ruins what would otherwise be a perfect set.

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Yeah. I feel the same.

I liked most of the work they did, but sometimes they just go too far with the females. Too often they just turn them into over-the-top, sexy, elf, angel, bondage, and/or anime chicks.

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Proof or GTFO.

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Yeah. Sure. Because it's totally possible to, at any given time, know exactly where the real players are and instantly bypass any obstacles to get right to them.

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It's because the big idea they had going into creating this game was the Titans, giant mechs with giant guns.

However, to accommodate such large mechs, they needed equally large playgrounds. If they went with all players and no bots, they wouldn't be able to sufficiently fill the map; the gameplay would be too slow. So instead, they chose to cut the player count down and flood the map with AIs.

Now, they need to make the game...

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