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Well its down for me, Again!

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They wonder why people love piracy so much.

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I brought the psp version from the store and downloaded it on my Vita tv just to play the latest version available to me on the big screen.

Then to play online you have to have an app called "adhoc party" running on the Ps3 at the same time.

So much work.

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I've been waiting for a monster hunter game throughout the entire Ps3 lifespan and an english version was never released. It was one of the reasons i brought Ps3 at the time.

Better late then never.. if ever.

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I still play mine daily, The only popular Vita articles seem to be one discussing it's end. It's laughable, if Vita's not for you then
play what is.

Killzone Mercenary, Soul sacrifice and even Wipeout which was a launch title still have people playing online.

Laughable conversation.

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In my opinion, for some people like myself the 3DS is just not a viable portable option.

The Vita is literally like a mini Ps3/PSP upgrade and the graphics are literally Jaw dropping.

If you have the well being to be able to justify a well overpriced 64G memory card then you'll be all set for some amazing portable suff you can't get anywhere else.

I'm completely sold.

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Well I'm getting 120mb from Virgin media in London and in my old apartment without fibre optic we had 8mb which is more then the requirement.

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price drop with really good support from the Ps4 and possibly a bundle will help.

I brought mine today for £140 & used a relatives 10% discount which works out about £125 its the 3G version with an 8 card, Killzone & Virtua Tennis I'm BALLING TONIGHT!

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It's more like "heres what half the PS4s actual case looks like.

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My personal annoyance of the Xbox pad has always been the sticks.
The left stick is higher then the right stick where the Ps3 pads are dead center beside each other. It's been scientifically proven that concentrating on 2 objects with similarities makes it easier because of your brains hand-Eye coordination functioning faster.

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Exploiting games can be fun though.
Like Half life or sonic adventure. When i watch the speed runs on these games with natural exploits it makes it really cool to see.

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So long as there is Street Fighter there will be Capcom and i don't see Street Fighter fans tiring any time soon.

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If the command for turning your PS4 on is "Ps4 ON"

Then what happens if say i'm having a conversation with a friend in my living room where the ps4 would be and i say something like
"today i went to turn the PS4 ON to charge the controller"
will it accidentally turn on every time because that would piss me off!

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It's a good list, a new Red dead would look crazy but for me personally i would love to see next consoles handling

Warhawk 2
Resistance 4
Motorstorm 4
Little Big Planet 3

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it's 2 playstations not 3

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he bent that ass over and gave him a devil made cry

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Dynasty Warriors 3

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Scrap everything else, Metal Gear Online is the best TPS by a mile.

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