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I expect most publishers to release games BC UNLESS they are planning some form of HD Remaster.

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So lame this was IOS only.

I hope they release Android version before Fallout 4.

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Do NOT hype yourself with this game.
It might be worth of shot, but don't think of it as a Bethesda made Elder Scrolls because its not. This game was outsourced.

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Umm... FFXIV is amazing on PS4.

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So confused as to why people make a big deal out of anime cleavage, but many games have full nudity (see Witcher 3, The Order 1866, GTA V, ect) and people do not make a big deal out of it.

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Has there been any wording if there is Terrorist Hunt mode as all Rainbow 6 games have had?

If not are they pulling a full CoD mimic kind of thing?

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Definitely must be talking about FFXII. Only FF I could not finish with multiple tries.

Only thing that made me want to keep pushing in that game was Fran and Balthier.

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They need to announce FFXIV for Xbox 1, it is already offhand confirmed as Yoshi-P was USING a Xbox 1 controller in a developer stream.
It would be GREAT to have Xbox players joining everyone from PC/PS4/PS3 in the great world of Eorzea.

Also SE and Microsoft better not be dumb and make some exclusive IP for Xbox 1. I am sorry and would love to play it, but that system sells like less than 100 a week in Japan so I don't see a good marketing strategy on their end...

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I would love to play this game, but its only on Wii U and not many people at all could care less about that system. And no...this is no Wii U hate comment, just look at overall sales. Its very sad unfortunately for my favorite childhood game company.

If you own a Wii U, you dust it off and play amazing exclusives once or twice a year then throw it back in the closet.

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Just bought my guide, yes it will be eventually out of date, but as a fan it still has LOTS of good information even after patches.

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Hildebrand is a beast!

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I hope that March release date is worldwide because this is a day 1 regardless of when it comes out!

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I heal on my PS4 and it works VERY well imo.

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As long as we get it in NA I will be happy.

I will buy it 100% and put hundreds of hours in it just like all Disgaeas, but that didn't look any different from the PS3 games.

They claimed there would be much more enemies and stuff with PS4 power, but guess thats for future trailer.

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As long as there is no BS universal fatality system then it will be gladly welcomed.

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Its here! Tomorrow!

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Here we go!!!

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I just hope they didnt announce too much stuff at this pre-event to cause their actual conference to look boring and bad.

They really did announce alot.

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Wow now these fools are tweeting about bomb's on John Smedley's plane (head of Sony online entertainment..aka Planetside 2, H1Z1, DCUO, ect). Linking stuff like video from September 11th.

Guess they want to meet the FBI really bad.

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Beyond is fine for a PS4 since I think it didn't sell as good as it should, but I would rather not want a GoW Ascension remaster.

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