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Well for one it's not a demo, its the actually game minus some tracks and cars, in the plus version you can still take part in events against people with full game, earns trophies, create challenges for friends to attempt, etc.. so before you cry about opening my eyes, how about you brush up on your product knowledge and know what your talking about, second, since its not a demo and it's actually the game its running off the same servers as the full retail and full digital game, so on...

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What does the delay have to do with anything?

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Whats up with peoples reading comprehension on this site lately, They never said it was only the ps+ version having servers issue, and to say that doesnt even make sense, its the game period, people who bought the game retail and digital are having trouble logging in so they are withholding the plus version so that more people dont try to jump on the servers at this time, why is that so hard to understand?

But people like you will cry and whine regardless, if they would'...

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Whats up with everyone asking where is the ps+ version? Are you guys new to playstation are something, when the store updates the ps+ edition will be there, so if you havent already paid for the game, you have to wait for the store to update to play the demo, same way its been for years

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Everyone has their own opinion, some will love it, some will hate it, either way if you have ps+ you can download the game today and form your own opinion on it

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The missions (i forget what their actually called in the game) in soul sacrifice where you had to fight multiple bosses at once were extremely difficult, i think that game should have made this list off of that alone, and as far as the games mentioned rogue legacy wasnt that hard, i find splunkly to be a lot harder

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I've downloaded chariot on xb1 but haven't tried it yet, seems like it will be fun once i start it up, and next Tuesday is drive club from ps, so to me seems like both platforms have good offerings this month

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I wish I could been given a copy of NFL 2k5 with my xbox one bundle instead of madden 15, I am not liking madden at all so far. 2k5 is still to me the best football ever made

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Not as confusing as the article made it out to be, the ps3 version is cross buy with the vita, and ps4 has a upgrade option

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Maybe this ddos was a good thing for you, with psn being down it will give you time to read a book or something, because you have no clue what the hell your talking about!

Don't get me wrong, when you say things like sony should use our money for ddos protection, it sounds like you know something about something, but you don't

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Its not drm, you haven't set up your systems options correct yet, all you have to do is set your system up as your primary in order to play your games offline

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Well since every pinball table is its own game with its own theme, set of rules and objectives/goals, there's nothing wrong with a individual review for each one, people need to know how tables differ, especially since tables don't all play the same, some tables are fast while others are slow, some are cramped and ramp crazy while others are wide open and bumper crazy, so on and so on. complaining that each table gets a review is like complaining that every call of duty or madden gets...

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Hmmmm did you all even read the article? Well If you didn't, it's not a ps4 bashing article in any way! It's actually very pro ps4 and kinda anti wii u and Xbox1
Lol People above me are arguing about a article none of them bothered to read

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Minecraft is 8 or 1 bit huh? You truly have no clue what your talking about, do ya?

I hope it releases soon but if sony says it's not ready, it's not ready

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Well I guess for my style of play the plants seem under powered, I tend to do far better with the zombies. While playing with the zombies today I hit double digit vanquish repeatedly, but when it was my teams turn to play as plants I would do 2 or 3 at most, but like I said its more than likely my play style. And I agree with you on the all star, he's my favorite zombie to use right now, especially after earlier today, when I took out 5 plants in a matter of seconds by dashing at two sunf...

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You have no clue what the hell your talking about do you?

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I wanted this game when it first announced and I'm glad it's finally on the console I own, very fun and well worth the money, plants do seems a little underpowered to me though

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Wow I thought I was the only one who felt that way about the game, bought it on ps4 and wanted to like it but just couldn't

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I have broken many of controller because of alma, general raam, and sephiroth........those were the days!

Edit: Soul sacrifice has some hard boss battles as well

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Should have named the article "10 classic games that are ridiculously cheap" instead of saying worthless. That being said I agree with the author, I remember playing headhunter like crazy, and vanquish is one of the better games of last gen, in fact it's the only game from platinum games that I like, also vice city is my favorite gta as well and that game is far from worthless

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