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Yeah, even black ops on the PS3 (yes, the PS3) has more than that at any given time. Mind you some people will still be playing the campaign and will want to wait before they play multiplayer.

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I'm gonna drive fast in a straight line and turn left some times!!!!

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Explain how resistance is a mediocre FPS. You can't. You probably haven't played it. The moron test results came back.

I'm afraid you've tested positive for an unprecedented degree of moronity. I'm afraid you're that much of a moron you have to be put down. Sorry.

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No. My most anticipated game of this year is dark souls, but if I only played games like that I'd have nothing to play all year.

People play their favourites but they also play games from other genres. What's wrong with a final fantasy tactics guy reviewing gears? They're both games. A good reviewer will see the game for what it is and explain who the game is for in the review. It might not be the reviewer's favourite game, but he could still give it a 10 out ...

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Well, yeah. But some games get it damn close. I just think it's a genre that is constantly falling short of my expectations.

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There's too many FPS games... Developers need to understand this...

I'm treading cautiously here:
Some FPS games do good things, but they also do things that are really bad which put you off of them. It's hard to explain. Where is the perfect FPS game? There is none. They all have little things that annoy me.

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At the end of the day, they're a business and the end they are hoping to get to is making money. Their means are questionable, but you can understand the end.

Compare them to another business i.e. coca cola. In comparison, activision are not all that bad...

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David jaffe is the king of all assholes, dude.

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The developer doesn't, but the publisher does.

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Yeah, they were always gonna be quite hefty.

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4 million people should not be playing that online this week. I mean, that would suggest they didn't play the story.

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well, I don't know about you, but who knows, this guy could get paid on october 7th or something?

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Yeah, I don't even read it when I get it for free on the bus. I pick it up and sit it on the seat beside me so no one sits next to me. That justifies the paper's existence.

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Daily mirror. That credible source... /s

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Remember back in the day when you basically had two types of players?

You had stopping powers and juggernauts.

The thing is that they completely cancelled each other out, making using both of them pointless. Too many people used them for everyone not to use one of them, though. That was the problem. I was a stopping power. I realised juggernaut was for pussies quite early on in CoD4.

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Meh, it'd be great if they weren't so vague.

Improved stability during usage of certain PS3 format titles is not really all that specific or a useful description. Does it mean the xcrossmediabar won't take 10 decades to load up while I'm playing a game?

That'd be swell if they fixed that. I like to be able to read my messages soon after I receive them.

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Dude, have you ever gone in a game and spoke to your team mates in call of duty?
If you get a good group of people (it's best if they're people who you know) you can come up with plans, give advice about enemy locations, where they're spawning next, things to watch out for etc... Then you can strategise about which killstreaks each team member will use so they work harmoniously ie, someone puts UAV on so you know where the enemies are while someone else puts counter UAV o...

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At the age where you are able to distinguish what is fiction and what is reality as well as what is good and what is bad.

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If resistance 3 came out a month ago, I'd have bought it on release but september is a busy time for gaming and I don't want to buy games that I'm not gonna play so I haven't bought resistance 3 yet. I do plan to eventually.

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