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There is no other segment of the article that states "...months of the games release season" other than what you have already quoted in your origianl comment which is "...'especially when you look at the final three or four months of' the games release season". So as @martinsstrings stated you're overthinking it.

Now back on topic, no doubt there would be some fantastic games next year for Xbox owners from beginning t...

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Guess you didn't read the article, early release for consoles Feb and March for PC. So probably that's why you're getting dislikes. xD

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Of course they are, only way to make money. But I think the best version of this proprietary technology will be exclusive with it's cloud implemenations obviously.

Microsoft is a competitive monster, bunch of honey badters. Can't say the same for Sony. So nothing surprising.

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Come on now, we all know what the disagrees are for. lol! Lets' just enjoy great games. :D

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The fact that he tried so hard to make it seem like it's a severity of disagrees shows his failure to even notice barely any disagrees compared to agrees so far. Go to a positive Xbox article then comeback and don't tell me this site does not favor PS4 more. He deserves my disagree for being the first to even mention "Xbots".

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You really think Atlus was forced to make such claims? Think about it, and yes these games always comes out in Japan first unless they release some different version for US as they usually do.

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You won't get a CONFIRMED release date, lol! The likes of NewMonday will never own up to being wrong. You say big triple A games galore, they come back with fps multiplat games with exclusive DLCs. You say multiplats they comeback with exclusive games.

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You're really going to compare that waste of space to NeoGaf? lol! Get real, no one takes that guy serious except for delusional fanboys.

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Even Halo Gears nor Forza motorsport isn't released every year. What are you on about? I've noticed with most people who complain about franchises are just gamers who don't even play the games anyways and why it seems like another game. I've enjoy Halo and I don't feel like it's another game because I'm ENJOYING it, you're not! To me Uncharted seems just like antoher game because I'm not into the series, but I don't bash i...

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I'd say for all the Xbox fans, leave the squawking to the birds. Slowly yet surley we'll all see truth. Gamers game!

This is such a fanboy article. As Septic stated if this isn't the best Xbox lineup history that Microsoft claims to have what is then since he couldn't elaborate on that?!

Xbox fans will enjoy what Microsoft provides, high quality big titles. Nothing shallow, big production values that will rival Hollywood. Great games, reliable...

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Well said kstuffs, I don't see some would try to dissaprove of Dx12 not being designed for XOne. This was obvious since day one.

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Actually "trying" to be realistic is sometimes just hating. At the end of it all, it doesn't matter. Microsoft unfortunately for other platforms bought a timed exclusive. The end.

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It's behind in those specific features because Sony did nothing with it. Microsoft could have easily dumbed down the UI and features but Xbox obviously launched incomplete. So in a way it is lagging behind, but boy is it pretty much ahead already. Like the article, we'll wait and see what Windows 10 will provide in it's evolution.

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All this squawking about resolution, who cares! People act like Xbox games are upscaled from 480p. Next-gen isn't resolution. You want resolution, go get a PC. It's been doing 1080p the past decade now without issues. Also PS4 does horribly at 1080p for anyone to claim anything good out of it.

I want real next-gen, innovative rendering feautres and AI at a great performing frame rate even at upscaled 900p. This whole resolution talk just proves the ignorance of most ...

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Exactly, this shouldn't be surprising or deemed maliciouis in any way. It's a Windows 10 ecosystem like they stated many times already. Fable, Gears and great future titles should compete very well with steam.

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Of course not, why fuel the competition. Also, no problem F2p as long as it's done right and they emphasized a point of this already that the system will be along the lines of LoL and Smite, as long as gameplay is done right. I don't mind at all. More MOBAs please?!

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Innovative rendering features abound! Can't wait for other artists to jump on board and go wild with Dx12.

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I think you haven't watched the latest IGN interview. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Also just recently announced by Gamespot they'll have an hour long panel at PAX Prime Aug. 31 with Kamiya and JP Kellams for extensive information on Scalebound. Its open world, now the questio is is it Skyrim open world or Witcher 3 with multiple open worlds? We'll see.

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You haven't played the game yet, and yes Scalebound is open world. Besides it's Sony, I've never trusted anything they show off til' launch.

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Exactly, ...BIG GAMES! Value! ... more Games! The only thing that matters. Keep the resolution talk, I want innovative games.

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