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This one is advertised and labelled specifically for upgrading your xbox one. It also has xbox specific instructions. Basically its a product for parents and technology illiterate people who don't know better. I can't hate on the company for that, because its sure to sell to that section of the market. I'd do the same thing if it was my company. Easy profits

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Well the price tags aren't that much different that normal prices would be. Just a bit more expensive. But they are smart in the fact that making these products with labeling and advertising saying "to upgrade your xbox" will sell more in this way than just advertising a normal external hdd. Parents and technology ignorant people will jump for the product advertised as for the xbox more times not over just a WD external drive. Plus throw in those handy dandy xbox specific instru...

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@KwietStorm @silvacrest @Xanderzane

Im assuming you guys just misunderstood what XanderZane said. He stated that he purchased a "Solid State HDD" fpr 150. Which is a hybrid SSD and HDD. Not the same as a true SSD which is what you were thinking he meant. They are two different things. A SSHD utilizes a larger than normal Cache on a HDD to increase load times. They do speed up quite a bit but aren't as fast as a true SSD upgrade would give you. They have become m...

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They started production on them again for China's launch

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the same thing i said all along, if the graphics mean that much to your gaming experience, why did you buy the game knowing it was such a drastic downgrade? I'm buying the game on the way it is at release not what was shown 2 years ago. Even then im buying the game not the graphics. Didn't get screwed over at all. I saw gameplay that looked good, still had good graphics, I buy. If you can do such a better job buy all means go out and build your own game that will have such better grap...

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Im pretty sure they are being about as honest as they could be. Sure we would all love to not see anythign about a game until right before launch. But it doesn't work that way, won't work that way, and can't work that way. You can't expect a company to put $20+ million into to a game and release it with no build up, or promotion. That's a failure waiting to happen. The promotion for this game is what got them 1.5 million presales for this game. That right there can pretty ...

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Because its not actually running at 120hz. It's running at 60hz but upscaling to 120 Sony call's it "reprojection." But its definantly not true 120hz


"We only played the one demo - London Studio's Heist - and it allowed us to sample what is going to be a crucial element of the ...

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The way they had said it before was that they will be rotating, Battlefield, Battlefront, Titanfall on a 3 year cycle each. I cant remember but I think they might have had MEdal of Honor in there as well.

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They have said this in every financial conference they have had since launch. Not sure why we keep getting articles everytime

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Well this also has a huge advantage for all applications in general. Not just games.

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Depends on your definition of "core gamer" if there even is such a thing. Because I would say the majority of gamers i know(your core gamers imo) play at least 1 sports game each year

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Also if you look at the Xbox One chart, there are 6 sports games in the top 25. 25% market share is pretty god damn big if you think about. The only genre that competes as much is shooters. It has 6 in the top 25 as well.

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Not so sure about doing well for them. If anything these are defensive buys to cover their ass. Prevents competitors from getting em and slow their progress. Since we all know that gaming is going that way anyways, it makes sense for them to do this and corner the market once and for all.

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touchy touchy. You think anyone goes into a monster business with Billins and Billions of dollars R&D invested to "earn an equal share of the market?" Thats just not how it works. But how can you take that one quote and interpret it that way? He said that they wanted to go after Nintendo and be the main "casual" box. How does that imply they want to "kill all competitors in that space and own it for ourselves!" They released in November of 2001. It was first ...

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The Evolution Studio Layoffs were expected as that game flopped and released so poorly. The suprising bit about San Diego Studio layoffs is the work on MLB The Show. That game hasn't been released yet. Granted its only a few days away but rarely do you ever see layoffs days before release. Considering the article states it hit IT most notably, thats kinda troubling considering thats an area you would want to keep on to deal with mp bugs and others associated with a launch. This could all ...

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SCEA is different than SOE.

Planetside, DC Univers, and Everquest are SOE games. Those games were developed specifically for PC and is why they are there and sometimes come to PS.

SOE almost always are restricted to PS platforms. I cant think of any off the top of my head but there are a couple.

Also- Bloodborne is a multiplayer game as well. Just not a online only multipplayer game like the others

It's funny because for ...

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do your research before you post uninformed lies

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Correct. I dont know why the internet would thin Rare would announce a Banjo game in this way is beyond me

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Everyone I know that has it finds it quite useful. Maybe not for specific games but useful none the less. Voice controls work great

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