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Should have looked into the 75% deal before the update, but I just assumed I owned it. Thankfully I found the physical disc, ha...

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Wtf?! The XO-1 looks better than that..!

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Same. The old line made me ponder her thoughts. It was even heavily featured in promotional material. Why change it after the fact, even if you regret it creatively for whatever reason? Feels very inorganic. To top it off the new line is so forgettable. I'd rather they course correct with new dialog in part 2 or 3 if it is such a big deal for them..

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Devil's advocate here.. who's doing the objectification here though? How would progressives react if teenagers where asked to not show skin and cover up their feminine traits? No bare shoulders. No hair. No make-up etc.. 20-30 years ago the main stream tune was the complete opposite, and games where under attack from conservatives and we had to defend games from them. Now publishers are pre-emptively chastising and censoring to please left AND right, depending on which region of the w...

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On LIFE SUPPORT with GT7, actually..!

The occasional Resident Evil title is good, but I'm not that into horror in VR.

The hardware really only needs ONE Skyrim or Alyx type of game, with a bit of replayability to fall back on. Without it, the barrier of entry to strap in gets too high.

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A welcome feature for sure, as the 1. party support hasn't been what maybe even PlayStation envisioned.

Covid and economic recession hasn't done it any favors either.

What psvr i needs now is more intuitive interaction with system UI, and social apps. And more 1. party support.

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Double Speak is Evergreen

-Phil Spencer

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Looking at MS' gaming graveyard, this is nothing to laugh about...

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There's a fallacy here about chasing rainbows

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@venomuk Watch it turn into an Xbox-first initiative down the line *sigh*

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Release 7 remake on Xbox, announce next mainline FF Xbox port depends on 7 remake's xbox sales performance. Profit.

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Offerings look really good - I'm just not compelled to revisit the 'Last of Us'-universe.

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You can't have sustained hype like you see around trailer drop. Even for a game like GTAVI. Even still the metrics are steadily pointing up for the next Grand Theft Auto. The launch hype is going to be insane.

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A better conclusion to draw is that fewer young people are buying games, and it's becoming more difficult to buy games for kids. Kids are playing fortnite, and buying digital only ps5's. Can't gift them steam games or Ps5 games then.

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Such a golden IP, but Bethesda is technically and creatively bankrot.

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Consolidation breeds complacency. History is rich with examples. Execs spend billions of the company's money, and line their pockets with millions. Xbox gamer "win" in the short term, but in the long term everyone loses.

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To be fair, I loved the smell of glue, gas and certain plastics as a kid (new disc cartridges/new hardware, anyone?)

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Hard NOPE on Ever Crisis after reading that. Will try the repackaged game without these mechanics..

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..or only saving grace

While we're talking hyperbole headlines

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It's just a monicker, instead of, say, Obsidian Fallout.

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